Sunday, 31 January 2016

A review of the Fyre Slayers Battletome

I have picked up the new Fyre Slayers battletome so thought I would just pop up a quick review of it. First thing to note is that all the rules for the models are actually available on the website, so you don’t need to buy the book to get a small mercenary fyrd in your army.

So, who are the Fyre Slayers? In the Age of Sigmar setting Grimnir was freed by Sigmar and to repay this debt, hunted down a mighty evil – Vulcatrix the mother of Salamanders. This confrontation resulted in the destruction of Grimnir and Vulcatrix. The Fyre Slayers were born from this conflict (shades here of the auto chthonic myths of the ancient Greeks – ref. Myrmidon’s origin myth), and it justifies their lust for gold – they do not seek normal gold, rather they seek ur-gold which contains a fragment of the power of Grimnir. There is a religious aspect to this search for ur-gold (potentially resurrecting their god? – ref. ancient Egyptian myths around Osiris), as well as a practical aspect that the use of ur-gold in their tattoos provides them with greater than human strength and resilience. Originating in the Realm of Fire, the Fyre Slayers now exist in every realm.

Osiris is cut to bits, and restored once brought together again
The book does a reasonable job of detailing the back ground of Fyre Slayers, how they are organised and what different lodges look like, with the proviso that I would have loved more writing on all of this. For example, magmadroths are new, look fantastic, and feature in a lot of the stories but there isn't actually a dedicated bit of the book to talk about them (thinking here of the 3rd edition Warhammer rulebook which actually had about half a page for each creature and - that would have been great). Artwork is extremely solid, some of the artwork pulling from artists such as Frank Frazetta in style and composition. Again, to quote Oliver Twist, please sir can we have some more?

Frank Frazetta

Fyre slayers

From a gameplay point of view it provides three new battle plans which are all very different from each other and quite different from any other Age of Sigmar battle plans that I have read. My favourite involves dividing the board up into a number of sections, with the evil units deploying as you progress, all while zombies arrive into the battle at random. Lots happening and a really strong RPG feel to the mission and victory conditions. Although all of them are Fyre Slayers vs... it would be easy enough to adapt any of them to Army X versus Army Y. In general as well there are some really interesting concepts in these battle plans - secret deployments, movement on blinds, secondary narrative objectives (if you are a historical player all should be familiar but are great to see in a GW product given the target market). Overall the battle plans are great and inspirational no matter what army you play. 

You also get all the rules for the new models, and four fyre slayer battalions – Lords of the Lodge, Warrior Kinband, Forge Guardians, and the Grand Fyrd. All of these I would describe as interesting, with none really looking like complete cheese. From the point of view of collecting an army, I actually think the battalions are an excellent resource and guide to how any given army 'should' look. Each of the first three I mentioned have very defined units that make them up, and the Grand Fyrd is 1 Lords of the Lodge battalion, 2 Warrior Kinband battalions, and one Forge Guardians battalion. 

So, I have decided to build my way slowly to a Grand Fyrd – first battalion will be a Lords of the Lodge, and then a Warrior Kinband. After that I will aim for a Forge Guardians battalion, and finally the second Warrior Kinband. This way I feel that I will be able to get both an interesting army, and also one that will match the background. For a Lord of the Lodge Battalion I need one Runefather (foot or Magmadroth), one Battle Engineer, one Runemaster, and one unit of Hearthguard. I have the Runemaster, and the Hearthguard. I was planning to get the Magmadroth in April, but I have decided to instead pick it up in March, and overspend a little to get the Battle Engineer at the same time.

From a modelling point of view I have put together the Runemaster and the Hearthguard, undercoated them, and got down the basing sand. With the Hearthguard Berzerkers I have given them Flamestrike polearms, partly because they look very cool, and partly because they fill a useful role in the army. The Fyre Slayers have quite a few units that are able to do mortal wounds (Magmadroths, Runemasters, charging Vulkites with sling shields), but in general they work best against large units or are situational. The Flamestrike polearm works when you hit, so are just as good against a one model unit as against a unit of 30 models, and are doing mortal wounds no matter what the situation. 

Karl with Flamestrike Polearm. Image from GW

I am hoping that by this weekend I will have pictures of Runemaster Ghorth completed. I don’t think I will have the Karl Sindri and his warriors done, but will get up pictures of the progress at that point.

Lord Siteth's Legion of Death : Month 0

With February just around the corner, I am stoked to get started on a brand new army for Age of Sigmar. First off, I would like to thank Chalmers for spearheading this community project. As an amateur painter, I get alot of my motivation from seeing other peoples painting projects, and I have been enjoying reading everyone's posts so far.

I used to be an avid Warhammer Fantasy player when I was in highschool. I collected anything chaos, with had a sizeable combined Warriors/Daemons/Beasts of chaos force. I'd always enjoyed painting but I had some serious A.D.D when it came to choosing a unit to paint. I would usually paint a miniature or two, get distracted and then buy a new box to paint. When I started at university, I got distracted with my coursework and found myself painting less and less, and in around 2008 I quit the hobby altogether. Once every few years, I would check in on the Games Workshop website just to see what new miniatures were being released.

Around April of last year, I stumbled across some of the End Times releases and was completely blown away. I was particularly drawn to the undead releases. It was also the first time I had seen the mortis engine, and the hexwraith boxes. Literally that weekend, I went back to my local Games Workshop for the first time in close to a decade and picked up some skeleton warriors.

With the release of the Age of Sigmar in July, I have been completely sucked back in to the hobby. But old habits die hard; In July I found myself distracted with the new Age of Sigmar boxed set (with no regrets).

The Tales of Sigmar is the perfect project to keep me focused on an army to completion. Its also a great opportunity to improve on my incredibly basic painting skills. I look forward to criticism from readers, and motivation from reading other peoples posts.

As you may have guessed, I will be working on my undead force for this project. Last spring I picked up the army of sternieste, and I have yet to paint a single model.

The set included:
15 black knights/hexwraiths
3 crypt ghouls/vargheists
20 zombies
and a necromancer

For my first month, I am looking to finish:

10 hexwraiths ($79 CAD)
and a necromancer ($17.75 CAD)
for a total of $96.75 (the new starter sets are $100 here)

Anyways, thanks for checking out my first post. I better get painting!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Struggle for the Realm of Life

... which I could have called the Struggle to Decide What to Paint!  I've hummed and hawed over this long enough, and in the end I think I'm going to theme my efforts around the battles between Nurgle and the Sylvaneth in Realm of Life. 

I was going to just do Nurgle Daemons - my last two (my only two!) painted armies have been Nurgle Warriors,

and Skaven from the Clan Septik.  Their rusty, rotten look and alliance to Pestilens made them a good fit for my WoC. 

Of course something was missing from this Grand Alliance - the Daemons.  So of course when the £50 starter set for Nurgle came out, I immediately thought that's what I'll be doing.  But then I realised that with the starter set offering such good value, I'd really end up just painting box after box of that - and there are already a few Nurgle projects under way on this blog.

So how to mix it up a bit and make it a fun project?  I remembered I'd picked up the Sylvaneth horde box last year, in a flush of enthusiasm for all things AoS, to then just assemble a Treeman before realising I needed to paint my Skaven for a tournament... and then really just do nothing but paint Skaven for several months.

My inspiration in picking up the Sylvaneth was the stories and battle plans in the Quest for Ghal Maraz, so my plan now is to build and paint both the Daemons and Tree Spirits together, converting the Daemons with all the many, many spare branches etc that the Dryads and Treemen have to recreate the corruption of nature that Nurgle is wreaking.  The Sylvaneth will be painted in an Autumnal theme, verging on rot in places.  Hopefully I can then field some epic themed battles later in the year!

Dead On: Month 1 (part 1)


So the first purchases in this Tale of Sigmar are as follows:

1) Isabella Von Carstein                                  £9.50

2) Black Knights.                                           £20.00

3) Realm Gate Portal.                                    £35.00

TOTAL.                                                         £64.50

Overspend.                                                     £14.50

Isabella I will be using as just a Vampire Lord, it's such a pretty model I couldn't resist. I wanted to paint it.

The cavalry box set can be built as Hex Wraiths or Black Knights, I have chosen Black Knights just for the synergy of potentially using them in the Battalion : Bone rattle Legion. Also I find the way the hex wraiths are holding their scythes a bit comical so was put off them.

Now I currently have no terrain if I want to play a game at my house so I have purchased what I felt was the most iconic of the Age of Sigmar scenery: Realm Gate Portals!

It is the way to move between Realms and what everyone is fighting for (This ages Warpstone?). You get two in a pack and it'll dress my field nicely, but is not necessarily part of my army. It does have in game rules that may influence my units however.

So I have a Hero, a Unit, and a Terrain piece to paint this month. A hat-trick of different projects. It'll keep things fresh for me.

I'll update towards the end of February.

Death Becomes You.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Month Zero - All the old familiar place-places.

Hello. My name's Grant and I am a hobby magpie. I don't know what it is, maybe I just like planning armies too much. By the time I've cast my net, plucked the grand theme that I want for my force from some obscure piece of background and crunched everything out to the point where I know which flavoured Panda Pop my general was drinking when the news broke that Robbie Williams had split from Take That... I find some other more exciting venture to pour my attention into and my current project gets left by the way.

Well, that's not entirely true. I seem to have an affinity for Skaven. When I was a wee nipper, I found myself having been gifted a raggedy copy of Skavenslayer and well... I fell in love. Before I knew what S5 auto-hit Rattling Guns did and why people in my group cursed the name of Alessio for them, I fell for the antics of a rat named Thanquol. The pitch black parody of the worst parts of humanity, the hilarious broken English with the double noun-nouns and Thanquol's mental acrobatics that saw him emerge from every botched escapade free of all blame and smelling of roses.

I really like Skaven, you see? So with AoS, I saw an opportunity to step outside of my norm and get to grips with something fresh and new in a pristine system with limitless possi... Yeah, I'm doing Skaven again.

*Russo swerve*

But where to start on the latest incarnation of my verminous horde?

It's got to be with the head honcho, the big cheese... the main man. No, not Lobo. I refer of course to the rat that Skitterlept from the pages of Gotrek and Felix all those years ago and kindled this life-long love affair with all things thirteeny. Thanquol.

That makes my first month fairly easy to budget:

Thanqoul & Boneripper (£47)

From there I just generally plan to bulk the months out with things I think would be fun to paint. I remember having a blast with the IoB Rat Ogres, so Month 2 may include Stormfiends. I haven't gotten my brushes round anything from the End Times yet, so they're looking like fore(gutter)runners. Skaven puns!

There you go then: I'm doing more rats. Sorry for being so predictable. And... end on a song.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Dead On: Month 0

Dead No More

I currently have a Beastmen force however, to truly get in the spirit of Tales of Sigmar I embraced the new beginnings opportunity that this provides.

If we sift back the sands of time, over twenty years ago, I was a wide eyed young boy enraptured with my first White Dwarf cover in a news agents, convincing my Dad to drive to one of the few towns that had a Games Workshop and being bought my very first model.

I was smitten ever since.

That first box set was the Skeleton Legion, 100 models in the box, a chariot, horse archers, and loads of foot soldiers. I spent long weeks staring at every piece on the sprue, imagining its bearer, how he died, what he now did, why a scimitar? Naturally those fragile, thin, models mostly all snapped at the shin over the last 20 years. But the flame they started burns still.

The next few models I was allowed were Arkhan the Black on chariot, and the Lord of all undead, Nagash.

The big, black, warhammer armies Undead book was nightly reading for me, learning the grand tales of the ancient evil, and his marks on the history of the Old World.

One of the greatest things about the End Times for me was the resurrection of Nagash.

Then the Old World was destroyed.

Now in a fresh, new age, like a fresh new snow, I can make my first prints in this landscape of Mortal  Realms.

And I have decided to turn to that impressionable, fascinated young boy and retrace his first steps.

And so, the armies of Nagash march on the Mortal Realms. An army of Death is summoned to stand against the forces of Chaos, Destruction and Order. A Curse of Years is reflected on this blogger (where has twenty years gone?).

Death Becomes You.

Worst tournament player ever!

Hi guys,

Dan here, I've had a quick chat with Chalmers on Twitter and he is happy for any AoS themed posts to sit alongside our own hobby projects.

So I'm taking a break from planning out my Seraphon project to tell you about my weekend - where I participated in Games Workshop Chelmsford's first ever AoS tournament.

So just a bit of context about me to set the scene - feel free to skip down to the tournament report highlighted below. I've been playing GW games since 1999, with a few years break whilst at university. I'd describe myself as a hobbyist rather than a gamer and personally only play a unit in battle if it is fully painted. I've had Warhammer since 5th edition but was mainly a 40k player - the complex ruleset and sheer number of miniatures I needed to build and paint for WFB meant that, whilst I loved the models and the narrative, I could never focus myself enough to get an army built and painted.

I gave AoS a try in December and was hooked - great models and fantasy setting but with a lower model count and easier rules. When Ron at GW Chelmsford told me he was setting up a tournament I was keen to get involved to support the store and the game.  It would also be another of my hobby resolutions met.

Now as I said I'm not really a gamer, before the tournament I had played 3 games of AoS with my Night Goblins (they are painted!) against my Dad's Dwarf army. I have never taken part in a tournament and haven't played a GW game with anyone other than my Dad in 10 years or more since my friends dropped out of the hobby and didn't return.

The Tournament

The tournament was hosted by Ron at Games Workshop Chelmsford, so thanks very much to him and drop in to say hello if you are ever in the area!

We were using the Azyr Comp format which can be found at

There were no scenarios or sudden death and 20 point forces - with the winner over 6 rounds being the player who had destroyed the most points of enemy models - nice and simple. 

Unfortunately a few of the players who had signed up couldn't make it on the day for one reason or another. However this worked out well because it meant we went from a bracket format to a round robin so everyone got more games!

My list was as follows:
1 Night Goblin Shaman (General)
1 Night Goblin Warboss on Giant Squig
40 Night Goblins (7 nets)
2 Night Goblin Fanatics
10 Squig Hoppers
10 Squigs and 2 herders

My first game was against my Dad and his Dwarf army and in a battle that has been retold across 15 years and 5 editions my Goblins marched in to the teeth of the guns and got slaughtered. I actually reached his lines this time and the Goblins gave a reasonable account of themselves but had taken too much damage to stay in the fight.

Game 2 was against Issac and his Seraphon - fear the ripperdactyl! He fielded 3 of the winged beasts alongside 10 Temple Guard, a Bastiladon and the Astrolith banner Saurus. The birds managed a turn 1 charge and smashed in to my main block of Goblins and must have rolled 50 or more attacks with all their special rules and rerolls - I can see why they are so popular on the tournament scene! In my turn 1 the fanatics charged in to the Ripperdactyls hoping to free my block of Goblins but it was not to be - with 2d6 attacks the fanatics put out a pathetic 1 wound before being eaten. This tied my goblins up for the whole game and left the rest of my force unable to defeat the dinosaurs on the baseline.

Game 3 against Dan and his Skaven - a classic horde vs. horde battle. The Goblins had the upper hand over his Clan Rats but unfortunately couldn't stand up to his Stormfiends and warp lighting cannon. None the less this was a fun game with Skaven warp tech shenanigans and Squigs going wild - classic Warhammer.

My final game against another Dan (5 players and 3 called Dan!) and his Stormcast. Dan had been wreaking havoc with his force all day and would end up in joint first place with 3 wins and 1 draw. Needless to say I didn't give my poor Goblins much of a chance in this one. However my opponent's lack of familiarity with the new Goblin rules allowed me to pin down his alpha strike from teleporting Stormcast with the fanatics abilities to interrupt the charge phase. My Warboss bravely held this unit up for a turn whilst the rest of my horde ran toward the main Stormcast line. Eventually I was wiped out but had killed over half of the Stormcast army - my best performance of the day. If I had kept my Shaman alive, who was killed by the alpha strike whilst skulking at the back, I may have even been able to win this one!

So I went 0-4 with my Goblins but had a fantastic day playing against some good blokes so thanks to Ron for hosting and the guys for playing me in my first GW tournament.

I have to say that over the course of my 4 games I learnt a lot about this army and the game and if I could play again with the same list I think I could do better! SO what did I learn about Goblins, AoS and competitive play?

  • Goblins are still hilarious
  • Ripperdactyls really are vicious
  • I need something that dishes out mortal wounds to take on monsters
  • Just because he can't join a unit I should still hide my Shaman in a unit to prevent him being piled in to and stomped on by fast units and alpha strikes
  • The Shaman is essential to keeping my Goblins in the fight by making them fearless and +1 to save.
  • Squigs are fun - I need to paint up my Mangler and get more squigs on the table - I should try to do this alongside my Seraphon project as a break.
  • I definitely want to take part again and see if I can do better.
 Thanks for reading guys - over to you in the comments box; have you played in a tournament yet? What rule set do you use for competitive play? What should I change about my Goblin list to make it more competitive?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wardens of the Realms - Month 0

I've always been fascinated by the "Tale of Gamers" (or "Choix des Armes", as it is called in my native language) from the White Dwarf magazines of my youth. Reading about the rythmic growth of (often) strong themed armies, battling and growing at the same pace, was always a highlight of my young gamer reads. What will he add next time ? What's the story behind his new units ? Spanning over a few months, it was usually the opportunity to build up a force with a strong theme, color scheme and background, from scratch to completion. Often a good alternative to the more "vanilla" armies you could see in the other official books or stores (there was almost no internet back then).

At the time, I didn't have enough gamer friends around to launch the idea, and never took the time to join a community that would do it, even less reporting it to a broader audience. Thanks to James Chalmers and this website, now is the time !

I've been a lifelong fan of the Warhammer universes, and to me Age of Sigmar is an interesting and refreshing new take on fantasy battles, from the backgound to the scenario-driven gameplay. I can't wait to paint up all the troops I've bought since its release ! Having several factions and wanting to do many more, the choice was tough (I spare you my qualms here, they can be found on my TumblR) ; after a long brainstorming, I finally opted for the Stormcast Eternals.

Why is that ? Considering the potiental length of the Tales of Sigmar (James mentioned one year), it had to be an army that could grow quite big, not a "one shot" completed with a few heroes and a handful of units... My idea of using the Stormcast fitted the bill : I'd like to have enough of Sigmar's warriors to reenact all the scenarii from the campaign books (AoS, Ghal Maraz, Battletomes...), which means, to my opinion, a LOT of Stormcasts. Besides, a broader sample of troops will mean more choice when it will come to create or play with battleplans including a sudden teleportation of golden warriors. Once I had the faction, it was time to flesh out its fluff !

I didn't want to play vanilla Hammers of Sigmar, nor the most famous Stormhosts ; I usually prefer to create my unique "chapter"with its own background (yes, I used to play Space Marines - how did you guess ?). After lots of overthinking (the time you can spend thinking about little toy soldiers is just amazing), I had finally background, heraldry and philosophy of my Stormhost : The Wardens of the Realms.

Each Stormhost was created by Sigmar with some specific intent, and its origin can be broadly split in two categories : either it is former heroes picked from the same area/realm, or heroes with a similar mindset (faithful, wrathful, brave...). My Stormcasts fall in this later, with a tiny bit of the former.

The Wardens of the Realms were hand-picked by the God-King because of one specific characteristic : their selflessness. In their former life, all the Wardens were brave men and women dedicated to helping and protecting their peers, at the expense of their personal safety and well-being. Not all of them were warriors ; they could also be doctors, masons, simple peasants... But at some point (or through their whole life), they were exceptional individuals that went to great lengths to help people or communities in dire need. Sigmar saved them and Reforged them in mighty celestial heroes, who will have the duty to protect the Free People and make sure the Stormcast Eternals keeps a firm grip on the reconquest of the Realms.

One of my first questions when I started reading the new fluff of Age of Sigmar was "Ok, the Sigmarines take control of the realmgates and send thousand of soldiers to go smash some Chaos dudes, but what happens to those gates once the armies used it ? "

To conquer something is not just about the fighting, it is mainly about consolidating the land you won and making sure nobody takes it back, even more when it is strategical points to get reinforcements. The way I saw it, once the conquering armies got throught the Realmgates, they had to do something to protect these hard-earned assets, and switch from an agressive stance to a defensive one to make sure nobody steal their prizes (and gets to Azyr).

To my mind, trailing closely after the Stormcast fury come the Free People from Azyrheim, building fortifications and small military encampments/towns in the purpose of 1/defending the gates and 2/welcoming the traumatised tribes who were living under the whips of Chaos lords. Bringing back people together and some kind of civilization to these wasted lands.

Even if Stormcast Eternals are seen as a more offensive elite army like the Space Marines, their power is also needed to protect strategic points who would'nt hold the enemy pressure without them. The Wardens of the realms are just that. They were not in the first wave of Stormhosts that assaulted Gates and took over Realms, they were part of the second ; they are sent to defend and protect the free people gathering around the gates. Their lightning-speed is used to make sure they are always where they need to be. When they go campaigning, it is almost always to take back an asset or go help allies under attack. They will die for the people they protect. You got the idea.

Let's talk about painting ; Stormcast Eternals remind me of paladins and chivalrous figures of our ancient medieval times, kinda pumped-up Bretonnians on foot (with wings). To that prospect, I looked for a color scheme that would be an inspiration from real-life knights dedicating their lives for the greater good (no, we're not talking about Tau). I quickly found my mark : the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, modern descendants of the Knight Hospitaliers.

They were a knightly order issued from a religious Roman Catholic institution, entirely dedicated to helping the poor and helpless : their Motto is "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum" (Defence of the faith and assistance of the Poor). I love the white on red colors (above), so decided to go for that scheme ! At first I was considering a steel taint for the armor to better emulate this knightly look, but then I wondered what was the point to play SE if it wasn't to learn to paint gold ?

The Wardens of the Realms have eight known Warrior Chambers, each dedicated to one of the Realms (some speak of a mysterious Ninth Chamber...). They can be distinguished by the plume on their crest (Red of Aqshy, Green for Ghyran, Brown for Ghur, Etc.). The other Chambers (Exemplar, Harbinger, Auxiliary...) are "neutral", built without this geographic specificity.

Sigmar organised each of these Warrior Chambers with heroes originating from the realm they are now vowing to protect... The God-King thought they would be even fiercer if they fought for the land they lost an Age ago. 

Even more than its peers, this Stormhost is often spread all over the Realms, each Realm hosting a Warrior Chamber and its eventual support. However is not a strict organization, and on many occasions brothers from various realms have fought alongside each others. 

So here we are ! After this wall of text, you can guess where I'm going. I'll probably start with the Warrior Chamber dedicated to the Fire Realm, to match the Bloobound that I'll start painting soon. Althought the Campaign in The Age of Beasts by our colleague Hobby Hammer makes me consider starting with Ghur instead...  I will decide in the following days. 

I have made a "test model" for my Wardens and I am really happy with their look. My only concern now is to work on the base ; I want to echoe at the same time Azyr and the actual Realm they are fighting in, so a mix of civilisation and savage conquered land. Hence this WIP tryout with gold pavement and red earth for Aqshy. But the gold is maybe too similar to the Stormcast armor to "stand out"... And even more with the Red earth from Aqshy Vs shields and pauldrons. I'm hoping to settle this issue before February and start painting : Month 1, here I come !

BTJ Month 1

So, January comes to an end, and Monday marks the start of this tale in earnest. So, with that, time to get this show on the road.

So what am I going to start this with? Well my intention for this was to take some old WHFB models and actually paint them, whilst adding enough models to have an actual army. As such my first month is going to consist of models that have been lying unloved in a box for far too long.

Month One Budget- €65


Wight King-€10

3 Metal Wraiths-€19.50

10 Skeletons-€20


Change for next month-€1.50

The idea is to tie into the fluff I'd written here and would be the forces Krell has to start with on Ghur. Right now the plan is to rebase these minis tonight and in preparation of starting to paint them on Monday. Once I get stuff with a decent amount of paint on them I'll start posting WIPs of them. Time to get this show on the road and I can't wait to see how this turns out for everyone involved

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

A campaign running in line with The Tales of Sigmar

To follow along with Tales of Sigmar I have decided to start up this Narrative Campaign to help you tell the story of your growing warbands and armies. Each time you finish painting a unit/hero/monster for your army, you can use the campaign to give it a backstory and some fluff, in return your region on the map (below) will grow slightly. Also each time your army then fights a battle and you post up a battle report, again your region on the map will grow. The Army with the largest region covered by the end of the year rules.

The idea is to grow the Realm of Beasts with more and more warbands that can also grow in size as the campaign progresses.

There is so much more that can be done with this, be part of a story... if you would like to join with some of your mates, firstly its free.. just email me with your army, I will email you back with a map reference of your place in the Realm. Post up your initial fluff of your army then play some games with your mates and post up your battle reports and fluff to go along with it. As you do, the map will be filled up with Battle Locations and Key details. The more you post the larger your Kingdom becomes.

Link to the Huge Detailed Map of The Realm of Ghur
Link to the Rise of Empires Blog

Chaos Grand Alliance - Break out the brushes! Month 0

I've ordered a Grand Alliance: Chaos book, and am gearing up to paint some beautiful models!

Disclaimer :  I haven't painted much in years, but AoS has made me want to break out the brushes again. I am starting from nothing as I have no paints or anything and currently work away from home out in New Zealand until April, after which I return to the UK where I have some paints and an art studio to use.

There won't be much adherent structure to this blog, it will focus on creating beautiful painted miniatures and having the freedom to mix and match different mini's as I like. I like how I can diversify and mix and match different factions, so expect some fairly wide ranging choices.

Chaos encompasses some of my favorite mini's that I have never had the opportunity to paint before, such as Beastmen, Skaven, Demons and Chaos Warriors. Painting all these different mini's and getting them to tie in together into one cohesive looking army will be fun!

I'd like to progress my basing and weathering skills as well as my all round technical level of painting, and try to paint each mini to a high quality display standard, so am looking for c&c & feedback on my painting technique to help me improve.

I'm also a Chaos Dwarf fan. I started the Age of Sigmar Dawii Zharr Facebook group and we are looking for more members to grow it into a substantial community. So don't be surprised if the little beardlings sneak in an appearance somewhere along the line.

Gameplay & army wise, things that interest me about this army are the multi wound models, rends, and synergy



AoS Starter Set
Ophidian Archways
Realm of Battle Board
Dreadstone Blight
Temple of Skulls

The Glottkin
Maggoth Lord Morbidex Twiceborn
Lord of Plagues
Gutrot Spume
Rotbringer Sorceror
FW Plague Toads 
FW Bile Trolls
Plagueclaw Catapult
Plague Censer Bearers
Plague Furnace  
Start Collecting Demons of Nurgle boxset

My first purchase was some oop Pestigors I sourced on, came in quite expensive at $165AUD + shipping, these guys will be my Totem hunters

Rise Of The Plague Lord: The Shifting Sands of Chaos

His body wracked with pain, Dharr stumbled alone through the plaguemarsh. He moved slowly, careful of each step he took through the putrid swampland, wary each time he placed his footing, knowing a wrong step could send him down into the mire within seconds.

The heavy weight of his ax Ripperpox slowed his travel even more, and Dharr took this time to consider how best to achieve his goal. He would need allies, similar souls dark with evil and filled with an insatiable hunger, similar to his own. Not for power; no, that was his alone and he needed no rival to be constantly watching. No, he needed souls warped by chaos. There were many in this region, he could feel their presence though hidden they remained. But there were so many to choose from, for the Realms were still being birthed and all was still in flux.

Dharr brushed aside a cloud of Marshflies and continued on. He needed to consider carefully whom he would approach first. His fleshy lips split in a slobbering parody of a grin beneath his helmet as he pondered and planned his grand alliance of Chaos.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Since deciding to collect a Nurgle force for Tales Of Sigmar, my original plan was to focus purely on Daemons, with an initial purchase of the Nurgle Daemon Starter set. However, as is always the case with me, I've been rethinking this approach, lured by the many nice images on the interwebby. A long distant memory resurfaced, thanks to all this, of not only collecting Daemon models but also revisiting other models (Dragon Ogres, Beastmen, Warriors etc) and modelling/painting them in the colours of Father Nurgle.

With the upcoming release of this battletome, I will have all the warscrolls for all the Chaos models in one place as well as plenty of fluff and gorgeous pictures to drool over.

With a very limited hobby budget at present due to leaving full time work and having to freelance for a bit, I have had to cull my big purchase of the Daemon boxset in February. That's okay as now my current painting commission has just finished, I can concentrate on painting Dharr in February (alongside the models from the Temple Of Elemental Evil boardgame).

I will be getting the Grand Alliance Chaos book though, and start to pour over the contents as I delve into what exactly to get as my first model purchase later in the month.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dangermouse425's Beastmen and Friends - Month 0

Welcome to my Tale!

When I was given the opportunity to join in the Tales of Sigmar I didn't need asking twice. This little project combines two of my favourite things; starting new armies and getting bargains. With a strict budget of £50 a month, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to recycle some of the odd Chaos models I've got lying and start hunting down some bargains for one of the Old World's less popular races - Beastmen.

The Contenders

Before we discuss the stars of today's show, I suppose it would be fair to mention the "also rans", the "ones that got away". I'm a bit of a hobby butterfly, so I have no end of little projects that really need finishing; Bretonnians, Wood Elves, Ogre Kingdoms and Tomb Kings are my current Age of Sigmar armies that are half-assembled and thoroughly unpainted. I'm working through a Night Goblin army at the moment, but that'll be done in three weeks for a tournament so I decided it'd make for boring blogging if I completed my army in month 1.

My armies just weren't really grabbing me. I'll definitely get the Bretonnians finished at some point, maybe keep the Elves and probably sell the Tomb Kings. I knew there was an army out there for me, I just couldn't quite work it out. Until I saw this...

The Inspiration

This single miniature instantly turned my soul to Chaos. It was awesome. I have no idea how to pronounce its name, but it's called Brunchaath the Vile and he's a Gabrax Tain. I have no idea what any of that means either, so don't worry.

It's a model by Mierce Miniatures which I'd heard about, but never checked out. This model inspired me to start a Beastmen army and then I found an albino version. I decided I would paint my Beastmen in this style.

I was sold. The Beastmen herd was basically already here. With that, I took to eBay to scout out some bargains and gather the army! I've always wanted to build myself a Cygor and the Ghorgon is definitely too cool to not include. That's at least one month's budget right there! And the horrendously ugly Jabberslythe, definitely a must-have. I found myself getting really enthusiastic about this army and decided to go ahead with it.

Which Chaos God?

I'm always a big fan of themes in armies, a strong theme can really tie an army together. The question is, how to theme this army. Do I dedicate it to one of the Chaos pantheon? Or many? I have some cool ideas for converting both Khorngors and Pestigors, but a single themed army might have more visual impact on the field. What do we think, dear blog readers? Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch or all three?

Single god themed would make for some fantastic visuals, especially when I expanded in to include all the Chaos Grand Alliance units. But then multi-god sounds tempting as I have some great ideas for converting units to suit each god. I'm seriously tempted by Nurgle, but I'll take suggestions and decide in month 1. 

Until next time, happy gaming!


Monday, 25 January 2016

Chalmers Tales of Sigmar - Month 0

Afternoon fellow gamers, so there's a change happening with one of my army choices for the Tales of Sigmar. Over the weekend a mate gave me a box of Tomb Guard just to test out some schemes as they had been sitting on their shelf for years untouched. So I sat down yesterday and spent the afternoon putting them together…. They're horrible to build!

Now I should expand a little, back in 8th edition I had quite a considerably sized Vampire Count army. I had lots of Skeletons and Grave Guard in that army and I absolutely loathed building them, if you're not familiar with them the bodies have tiny nubs to connect the arms and the arms have little sockets to connect onto them. By the time I finished building them I was sick of my life, all it takes is one knock when drying and they fall off; hell even when the models are built and painted they were fragile and I was constantly fixing them up.

It's disappointing that the Tomb Kings are the same, because I cannot sit and do that yet again with another army, so unfortunately the Tomb Kings are being dropped for the Tales of Sigmar. Who knows maybe I'll revisit them down the line but being so soon since I built my Vampire Counts I'm not going to do that again.

So it looks like one of the runner ups from my previous post is now going to be promoted to be my project alongside the Stormcast Eternals. It was a huge toss-up between the Daemons of Tzeentch and the Night Goblins, but as mentioned with the abundance of Chaos blogs there was really only one choice!

The Gobbos are coming to the Tales of Sigmar!!! I know I was going to wait for the Orcs release later on this year but if I focus on the Night Goblins and squigs for the first few months I can then decide how I'm going to add the Orcs to the army. Most likely it's going to be the Savage Orcs as I just absolutely love the look of them, however the Getting Started standard Orc box set is also enticing. But anyway that's going to be down the line, to start with it's all about the Night Goblins and their Squigs, the Age of Squigmar (Yes I've seen the Hashtag) is coming to the Tales of Sigmar!

The Tundra Tribe - Month 0

Hello all,

Thanks for making this site. It has been fun to see what projects people are working on.

AoS got me back into Warhammer in a big way. I've been painting and modelling more in the last 7 months than ever before. That said, it hasn't made me an especially great painter yet.

I've just pulled the trigger on my next project, one that I have been interested in for years: Ogors. 

My first purchase for February is one box of Ogor Bulls for $48 CAD. This leaves me about $53 CAD leftover after the USD conversion of the $70 budget. Our money is worth nothing now.

If I like painting these Ogors, I will likely be looking at the battalion box down the line.

The theme for my Ogors will be a snowy one, hence the name Tundra Tribe. I've spent some time in the Arctic recently so my environment will provide some inspiration. 

I picked Ogors because I like the models, I want to do a snow theme and they're relatively inexpensive to build up a powerful war band. I've always had an interest in some of the other models in the Destruction range so it's possible other races will join their war band eventually, but for now just the big beefy guys.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to watching your projects unfold.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Salvage's Dragon Crew - MONTH 0


Happy to be a part of this AOS megablog, and it’s certainly well-timed, as I’ve just recently begun building momentum towards a dedicated AOS army. Back last summer, when I grasped how modeling-focused this game is (i.e. VERY), I knew I’d be doing at least one round-based army for AOS, despite having used my WHFB 7E Ogres for virtually all of my AOS game time thus far. (For those not in the know, Ogres are stupidly amazing in AOS, and it has been grand to get my fatties out of their case and onto the field again. Pulping faces is a happy side effect, to be sure.)

But what army to do? As of last fall, it was actually Orcs! I spent about $100 on loads of Black Orcs, metal characters, and so on, all towards a proper Ironjaws theme. Reasoning was that Orcs were never going to be OTT (a big positive for me), I’ve never actually done a greenskin army (apart from Gorkamorka), and Orcs are looking for the same thing out of AOS as I am: carnage! Sadly that plan withered on the vine as 2015 came to a complicated personal close and hobby time evaporated. I’d still very much like to do up my Ironjaws – and I already have TWO Arachnaroks built and primed :X – so there’s still serious hope for later this year.

Just around the new year, however, I found myself caught in a boast over on Dakka, about making an army out of the recent Bones Dracolisk release. There was much scoffing, but I pulled the trigger despite:

Dragon Hoard!
One pile of vinyl later and I’m the proud owner of 16 Dracolisks, 1 Basilisk and 1 Pathfinder Red Dragon O_O

Of course there’s a plan here. For a long while now I’ve wanted to do an AOS army almost entirely made up of Bloodwrack Medusae – a decent warscroll that combines speed with passable (if luck-dependent) shooting and some amount of combat ability – however the plastic model from the Cauldron / Shrine kit is extremely hard to find at all, let alone for a spammable price. Along comes this Dracolisk – another speedy medium-sized beastie that can turn people to stone – and I’ve found my solution.

Which means I’ve found myself making a Dark Elves force?! To flesh the list out I traced the dracolisks backwards: Where do these things come from? A dragon and a basilisk, biology tells us! So Papa Dragon and Mama Basilisk round out the list of models. As for an armylist, I’m using the following warscrolls:

Dreadlord on Black Dragon
Sorceress on Cold One
5 Bloodwrack Medusae
5 Bloodwrack Medusae
5 Bloodwrack Medusae
1 Bloodwrack Medusae

This force comes in at 1893 SDK and/or 100 wounds (and 18 models if that matters). More on SDK in another post, but at this point it's my preferred method of balancing AOS, much more so than pool or wounds alone. Not-coincidently this army is also being built to be able to adhere to the comp Adepticon is using this year (1800 SDK + various keyword limitations). Not that I’ll be making it out :’(

What a wall of text. Let’s do another picture:

Wary Cultist Is Wary
While I was waiting on shipping I cleaned up an FLGS ‘Lisk, which was not as painful as I thought it would be. The Bones vinyl is certainly going to slow me down, and I haven’t done any GS work here yet (including smoothing over the holes where the wings used to go), but with so few models I can cope.

Speaking of wings:

Mmm, Wings
I’ll have 16 sets of these things by the time I process all these baby dragon-things >_<

Doubtful I’ll get much more done in January, besides possibly GS-ing this first pup, as right now I’m speeding through a Kirai crew for Malifaux on top of prop building, so stay tuned for February!

Basilisk + 15 Dracolisks = $51.68 USD
Dracolisk = $4.85
Pathfinder Red Dragon = $14.49
Narthrax = $16.19*

*Once I got him, the Pathfinder Red Dragon proved to be too weedy for the crutch / centerpiece black dragon I had envisioned … so I picked Narthrax up locally too. I have a feeling Rojito will show up in the army later, as the Dracolisk brood’s uncle or something; also because I may need a second crutch to buff up the army :P

I've made most of my purchases already, but I'll see about breaking them down across the months/weeks to come. Ideally this project should move quickly and, opponents-willing, hit the table and start generating battle reports soon!

Barrzul and his Duardin - Month 0

Well, well well isn't this fun?

For all those following me on Twitter and so on - know one thing very well - i do love my Duardin. I collect pretty much every different Duardin that fits my style and i am know to convert them if they dont fit my liking to much. At this point i wasnt going to sway off my old beardy path...not even for tales of sigmar.

And then - GW dropped the bomb. New Duardins...well Fyreslayers but as every good and well read person knows:

They drink
They fight
they are...stump..i mean short in size
They dont let go of grudges

They shure are Duardin! But it gives me chance to start a whole new army dedicated for play ( havent been until know). Not only this, but the rumour surrounding the steamheads coming forth in Q1-2 really got my engines running.

My plan goes as follows: A Duardin-force. I will start of with the new release of the Fyreslayers and during the year will ad  either from the "old" Duardins or from the hopefully upcoming Steamhead forces.

The plan for the first three months looks like this:


A box of Fyreslayers Vulkite Berzerkers ( 35 Euros)
A Fyreslayers Auric Runemaster ( 18  Euros)

Available Money: 65 Euros
Money spent: 53 Euros
Money left over: 12 Euros


A Fyreslayers Magmadroth ( 61 Euros)

Available Money: 77 Euros
Money spent: 61 Euros
Money left over: 16 Euros


 2 boxes  of Fyreslayers Hearthguard ( 50 Euros)
A Fyreslayers Grimmwrath berserker ( 18 Euros)

Available Money: 81 Euros
Money spent: 68 Euros
Money left over: 13 Euros

Those plans may very well change during these months ( which ones i paint first) but that will be the force at the end of those months.

The only thing left is to decide on how to paint and base those bastards.
Right now my basing plans go way of the rails of the usual (which i like :P). I plan on letting my clan of Slayers be stranded on a cold, wintery mountanworld with a lot of ice. They fire will be burning within them, allowing them to live in this waste without...welll..pants.

Painting wise im not so shure yet. Rigt now the battle is on between:

Lodge Thungur (perlish silver with black cloth and red accents and tatoos, read beards)
Lodge Barys (black armor, red/orange beards in normal red with white accents)
Lode Hierndar ( bright orange/yellow beards with "glowing hot" weapons)
Lode Bearpaw ( greent/red tartan patterns on cloth and blue glowing runes / read beards)

Well, still got a couple of day left. Until then i should have finished my mancave and be able to finally paint again ( had to stop for 2 months due to house moving, and man cave building).

 I am really looking forward to painting these. It will be a new adventure since i made the big jump from GW Paints to the whole Scale 75 range. From what i heard they behave way different from my old paints so it will be a big challenge .....but we stumpy little bastards like that challenge. Aint that right men? "sound of axes being slamed against shields echoes in the background"

Until then - good hunting

Chalmers Tales of Sigmar - Month 0

So before I go ahead with my month 0 may I just say I'm overwhelmed with the support and the amount of signups I've had for the Tales of Sigmar. Many thanks to the numerous Podcasts and sites out there that have spread the word and I'm looking forward to the over 25 sign ups we've had for this year! I'm hoping this can be an annually thing, obviously depending how this one goes, but my main aim for this is to grow the Age of Sigmar community while also helping people achieve putting together and painting up an army over a manageable time!

Now the tricky bit…choosing an army. I think in the past week while I've been organising this I must've switched between four or five different armies, it's one of my problems I see a certain model for an army and I get drawn into that army, then the next day I see a different model and instantly my mind switches. I'm hoping with the Tales of Sigmar I'll be able to focus on getting one army fully painted month by month and then my other projects for Age of Sigmar in the background can be painted up as and when I get the time. So I thought with my Month 0 post I'll go through the different armies I've considered and then a write up on the force I'm going to focus on.

The Runners Up Were….


A month or so back I bought the start of a rather substantial Skaven army off the Warhammer forums and eBay, I've got over 40 x Clanrats, a Plague Priest, Grey Seer, Hellpit Abomination, 5 x Rat Ogres, Skaven Warlord, Skaven Engineer, 3 x Stormfiends, 5 x Jezzails, 2 x Poison Mortars, 2 x Ratling Guns, 1 x Flamethrower….and breath. I considered splitting this up over a few months to paint up as the majority of it is already built for me. However I've signed up to my first Age of Sigmar tournament  in June and I've set myself the goal of getting this all painted up so I can take Skaven to the tournament. Ambitious but I hope with the majority already built this could be done quite easily. Always wanted to run Skaven in Fantasy but the thought of hundreds of Clanrats and Skavenslaves really put me off so hopefully Age of Sigmar will be the perfect platform to launch my Skaven army.

High Elves

I've never done Elves in past versions of Fantasy. One of my main gaming friends had a huge High Elves army so never really wanted to have the same army to fight. I quite like the look of them and they provide a massive variety of models and units to provide a difference in gameplay. For example if you really wanted a shooty army then you can, cavalry lists are perfectly viable, in the same thought process if you wanted a in your face melee army the High Elves are just as capable. Now one of the bonus things for starting the High Elves is that I've still got all the Island of Blood plastics new on sprue so it was going to be an easy starting block to go from, but there was something which just didn't 'click' with me.

Dark Elves

Almost in the same breath of the High Elves are the Dark Elves. I absolutely love all the models available in the range, from the basic core troops through to the impressive Hydra monster and Black Dragon kits. The army, again like the High Elves, can do a multitude of things on the battlefield including damaging magic, melee and has a lot of shooting options. Though browsing through the warscrolls for the Dark Elves it was apparent they suck pretty badly at shooting. It almost negates that whole side of the army, meaning a very melee-centric army of Elves to focus on. I did ponder an Elven Alliance of High Elves and Dark Elves combining the best of both, but again something just refused to 'click' to bring the army completely together. So again it was back to the ever growing pond of armies to choose from.

Daemons of Tzeentch

Now this was going to be very very close to my choice for my Tales of Sigmar, so much so that I bought half of the first months of models from the off in preparation (Burning Chariot of Tzeentch and Flamers of Tzeentch). I love the Tzeentch fluff and had some good ideals of mutated conversions and adding the likes of Chaos marauders with mutations into the army after a while, however seeing how many Chaos blogs we've got on the go at the moment I'm going to knock this idea on the head. Maybe I'll save it for Tales of Sigmar 2017 or more than likely I'll have it as a backup army which I expand, build and paint as and when I have the time and funds.

Orcs and Goblins

Now I love Orcs, they're probably the most characterful models in the whole GW range, I've got hundreds of them for 40K and I've always wanted to do them for Fantasy. My main plan I had noted down was starting with Night Goblins, loads of squigs, Shamans, etc. Then once they were completed to a sizeable force slowly but surely adding in Black Orcs, Savage Orcs etc. But with the Orcs (Orruks…nope doesn't feel right) rumoured to be one of the next factions to be focused on for Age of Sigmar I wanted to wait and see exactly what is released and then maybe I'll revisit the Orcs and Goblins.

So after all the pondering and waffling, it's down to my selection for the very first Tales of Sigmar.

The Winner and my Tales of Sigmar army….

Tomb Kings

The forces of death need some representation in this and what better way than the Tomb Kings. I was very close to starting an army at the end of 8th but before I could plan it all The End Times happened and then Age of Sigmar was born. Reading through the warscrolls I love the different rules that come with the Tomb Kings and I absolutely love the models from the range. I'm really fascinated with the whole Ancient Egypt era, along with all the history, I went to Luxor in Egypt on holiday a couple of years ago and you can really see where some of the models got their fluff and ideas and cannot wait to translate that experience to my Tomb Kings army. Now I know with them being one of the 'lesser' armies for Fantasy it's going to be tough to track down everything I need without going directly through Games Workshop. Maybe there's going to be a few eBay and Wargaming Trading Facebook Page scouting assignments over the next few months as I track down everything I need.

The first couple of months I want to focus on a lot of the core models for the army, Skeletons, Cavalry and Chariots. I'll add one or two characters too just to have some focus pieces to work on. Then after that it's going to be the fun stuff, the monsters, artillery, casket of souls, etc. I'm already planning a Realm of Death board with a ruined desert temple board that’s going to be home for the Tomb Kings.

But wait a minute what's this? Coming down from the Celestial Realm?

Stormcast Eternals!!!!

Yes that's right, I'm going to be adventurous and lead by example. I'm going to attempt two separate Tales of Sigmar this year. I think with the Stormcast having a smaller model count I should be able to get these painted up over the months rather quickly. I want to have a rather easy to access army to play with and use and think the Stormcast are going to be that. I'll be starting with the Age of Sigmar box set, that'll give me enough models for the first month to get a decent enough force out. I can then look through the Stormcast Eternal Battletome to decide what the next models should be purchased for the army. Paint scheme wise, I'm going to shy away from the Gold and Blue standard scheme and go for a silver armour with a teal trim.