Friday, 22 January 2016

Barrzul and his Duardin - Month 0

Well, well well isn't this fun?

For all those following me on Twitter and so on - know one thing very well - i do love my Duardin. I collect pretty much every different Duardin that fits my style and i am know to convert them if they dont fit my liking to much. At this point i wasnt going to sway off my old beardy path...not even for tales of sigmar.

And then - GW dropped the bomb. New Duardins...well Fyreslayers but as every good and well read person knows:

They drink
They fight
they are...stump..i mean short in size
They dont let go of grudges

They shure are Duardin! But it gives me chance to start a whole new army dedicated for play ( havent been until know). Not only this, but the rumour surrounding the steamheads coming forth in Q1-2 really got my engines running.

My plan goes as follows: A Duardin-force. I will start of with the new release of the Fyreslayers and during the year will ad  either from the "old" Duardins or from the hopefully upcoming Steamhead forces.

The plan for the first three months looks like this:


A box of Fyreslayers Vulkite Berzerkers ( 35 Euros)
A Fyreslayers Auric Runemaster ( 18  Euros)

Available Money: 65 Euros
Money spent: 53 Euros
Money left over: 12 Euros


A Fyreslayers Magmadroth ( 61 Euros)

Available Money: 77 Euros
Money spent: 61 Euros
Money left over: 16 Euros


 2 boxes  of Fyreslayers Hearthguard ( 50 Euros)
A Fyreslayers Grimmwrath berserker ( 18 Euros)

Available Money: 81 Euros
Money spent: 68 Euros
Money left over: 13 Euros

Those plans may very well change during these months ( which ones i paint first) but that will be the force at the end of those months.

The only thing left is to decide on how to paint and base those bastards.
Right now my basing plans go way of the rails of the usual (which i like :P). I plan on letting my clan of Slayers be stranded on a cold, wintery mountanworld with a lot of ice. They fire will be burning within them, allowing them to live in this waste without...welll..pants.

Painting wise im not so shure yet. Rigt now the battle is on between:

Lodge Thungur (perlish silver with black cloth and red accents and tatoos, read beards)
Lodge Barys (black armor, red/orange beards in normal red with white accents)
Lode Hierndar ( bright orange/yellow beards with "glowing hot" weapons)
Lode Bearpaw ( greent/red tartan patterns on cloth and blue glowing runes / read beards)

Well, still got a couple of day left. Until then i should have finished my mancave and be able to finally paint again ( had to stop for 2 months due to house moving, and man cave building).

 I am really looking forward to painting these. It will be a new adventure since i made the big jump from GW Paints to the whole Scale 75 range. From what i heard they behave way different from my old paints so it will be a big challenge .....but we stumpy little bastards like that challenge. Aint that right men? "sound of axes being slamed against shields echoes in the background"

Until then - good hunting


  1. Definitely excited to see Fyreslayer armies get out there. The battle tome looks like it has some pretty neat alternative painting ideas. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. Always good to see more of the duardin brethren. Like you I am also really keen to see what they do with the steamhead - really hoping to see some golem type large infantry!

    I look forwards to seeing your models.

  3. I vote Lodge Heirndar (the weapon idea sounds awesome) or Lodge Bearpaw (who doesn't love blue runes?).