Monday, 18 January 2016

BTJ - Month 0

So, unlike everyone else who's posted I'm not sure what army to build for this. In all my years of playing fantasy I've picked up a load of armies that I've never painted. So, what I'm looking at for this is either Stormcast, Everchosen, Vampire Counts, or Aelfs.

So what I'm gonna do is open it up for people in the comments to pick one of the four armies I've listed and whatever's gotten the most votes on the 31st is what I'm gonna go with.


Ok, having seen more army selections Chaos is out cause of sheer saturation. Also, the more I think of it the less I'm bothered with a Stormcast army, so they're gone too. That leaves Undead and Aelfs. Undead have 4 nice big centrepieces in Nagash and his Mortarchs, Aelfs don't. So I'm going with Undead.

When I was about seven or eight I got a pack of the GW top trumps rip-off for Undead and I loved the look of Krell and the other wights that were out at the time. That's a feeling that's always stayed with me so I'm gonna go with a barrows-themed army, at least to start. Month one will be the Start Collecting box, with the mortis engine and black knights being built out of it.

Then I have some skeletons, some dire wolves, and some grave guard from the last time I tried to start a vampire count army, not to mention Krell, a wight king, a banshee, and 3 wraiths to rebase and paint up. After that it'll be bulk out the infantry(I only have ten of each) before adding Nagash and Arkhan, and then seeing how long I can last without adding in some vampires or the Tomb Kings that have been untouched since I bought them 8 years ago


  1. I'd say Vampire Counts they've got some great models.

  2. Or you could wait until the 31st and see what others have chosen. That we we get the fully spectrum of races (factions?!?!) covered?

  3. I like the full spectrum idea, personally :)

  4. I agree with the gentlemen above, and may do the same thing myself. I find myself in a similar boat trying to choose between Chaos(Slaanesh Warband), Stormcast (Hallowed Knights) or VC (start with the very tempting getting started box).

  5. It seems so far no one picked up the Stormcast...

    1. I'll be honest I'm kind of leaning away from them myself, but that's mainly because of the four armies I'm thinking of they have by far the least variety

  6. Vampire Counts sounds cool ! My Tales of Sigmar will be a Stormcast Army :) Maybe it will help you decide :)