Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Chaos Theory - Month 0

Hi and thanks for looking at my first blog post for the Tales of Sigmar.

I thought it might useful to reflect a little on why I had chosen to start this project and why AoS. As with alot of us I'm sure, I have reached a stage in my life where free time is an ever dwindling resource. Between work and family there is little time to spread between my hobbies. So AoS is an instant attraction, I don't have to spend ages preparing a force that will then sit idle as I lack the hours needed to use them in battle.

Instead now I can paint what |I like and use it in a dynamic simple set of rules that is (nearly) free of constraint. At first I thought I'd be put off by the lack of list building aspect, but actually this is still alive and kicking as I can ponder a balanced flexible army that can counter what ever my oponents bring to throw at me.

Painting is a huge part of the hobby for me so I'm looking forward to painting some of the stunning models out there. I'm starting simply with the AoS boxed set but in particular I will be focusing on chaos. I've always preferred the bad guys. The models are so characterful and I dont feel quite so bad when I loose as I can still claim a moral victory!

I'm uncertain of the back story for my horde but i like the idea of including more then one mark. Maybe a once honourable tribal chieftain, corrupted and driven mad by the gods with the different units reflecting different extremes of his personality. Hmmm more to ponder!


  1. I cant agree more with you about the pressure free side of AoS. Painting has always been the hobby for me, having to be forced to paint certain things to make my Army 'legal' was always WHFBs biggest negative. Look forward to seeing more Khorne! You'll love the new bloodbound models.

  2. I agree with you and Mark as well. I played Warhammer off and on for years and never got a full legal army finished because of the barriers. Once you plunged for one army, you were pretty much stuck with it. There's a lot more room for diverse little war bands that can team up on the table now. Love the freedom and look forward to seeing your Chaos.

  3. It also allows me to embrace my "hobby butterfly" syndrome. I like sticking to one faction but sometimes you see something shiny (i'm looking at you skaven verminlord!) and it just needs to go in the collection.