Saturday, 30 January 2016

Dead On: Month 1 (part 1)


So the first purchases in this Tale of Sigmar are as follows:

1) Isabella Von Carstein                                  £9.50

2) Black Knights.                                           £20.00

3) Realm Gate Portal.                                    £35.00

TOTAL.                                                         £64.50

Overspend.                                                     £14.50

Isabella I will be using as just a Vampire Lord, it's such a pretty model I couldn't resist. I wanted to paint it.

The cavalry box set can be built as Hex Wraiths or Black Knights, I have chosen Black Knights just for the synergy of potentially using them in the Battalion : Bone rattle Legion. Also I find the way the hex wraiths are holding their scythes a bit comical so was put off them.

Now I currently have no terrain if I want to play a game at my house so I have purchased what I felt was the most iconic of the Age of Sigmar scenery: Realm Gate Portals!

It is the way to move between Realms and what everyone is fighting for (This ages Warpstone?). You get two in a pack and it'll dress my field nicely, but is not necessarily part of my army. It does have in game rules that may influence my units however.

So I have a Hero, a Unit, and a Terrain piece to paint this month. A hat-trick of different projects. It'll keep things fresh for me.

I'll update towards the end of February.

Death Becomes You.

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