Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Exalted Assistant Manager of the Apocalypse - Month 0

Firstly, thanks to Chalmers for allowing me to participate in this, never done a blog before, I guess that makes me an old man.

Since getting back into The Hobby in 2010 after the obligatory 10-15 year hiatus I've been playing Orcs & Goblins in 8th Edition Warhammer. Loved it. 

I've always enjoyed playing Warhammer (and Necromunda and 40k in my youth) but it's always been modelling and painting that has been my real passion. Since picking up a paintbrush again in 2010 I've had so much fun learning new techniques (thank you internet, you know who you are..) and practicing to try and get better and better every time I sit down at my desk. I love it.

In 2014 I won my first (hopefully not last) Golden Demon, an absolute dream come true. I've been coveting one of those since I was a child!  

I was (very) sad to see The Old World die, but out of it's ashes I have discovered a new lease of hobby-life clinging to it's core. I've always had a geeky group of friends, but none that could quite be convinced to take the plunge into Warhammer. Since AoS dropped my group has grown from 2 (for decades) to 7, maybe even 8! Amazing! 

So, after a few fun games pushing my Orcs around on weird square bases, I've decided to take the plunge into a new army. 

As much as I'm loving the new Age of Sigmar rules, being a child of the 80's I certainly have an affinity for the look and feel of old school Warhammer. So I'm returning to my first love and first army ever - Chaos. (Oh No!, It looks like everyone is doing the same!)

Some for the first minis I painted ever were Chaos Warriors. Behold!

I still fondly remember how 'badass' they looked on the Heroquest Box and in Mark Gibbons' Art of the 90's.

So with this inspiration in mind I want to create a core of Chaos Undivided, with that old look. Will be starting with Warriors, Marauders and Knights. I figure if they look generic, I can field them as Khorne one game Nurgle the next.. Opens up my options. Once I have that core done, I can branch out into specific Gods and/or Daemons. Maybe add some Beastmen, Minotaurs, even Skaven (never thought I'd say that!). Exciting!

So far I've bought the AoS starter set, swapped out the Stormcast for more Chaos and tried out a few of the conversions I need. Here the basic idea for the Marauders, Warriors and Lord.

It seems to work, so I'm all set to get going!

So far I've bought the AoS box set, the Lord, the knights, and the Varnguard kit (needed the bits). Oh and Archaon, got him too... So looks like I'm spent up for the first 3 months at least.. That's fine. Time to paint!


  1. I too ran with orcs and goblins in 8th. Cant wait to see some of your painted minis!

    1. Aye. I'll be returning to my Greenskins at some point I'm sure. Love em!

  2. A golden daemon win, well done. I look forward to seeing what you churn out for this

    1. Thanks! Most of these will be painted fairly quickly but with some of the centerpieces I'll be putting the effort in. Certainly Archaon!

  3. Look forward to see your painting. Also love the title. I wish I could encase all my job titles in "Exalted --- of the Apocalypse"

    1. Hehe yeah I was pleased with myself when the title came to me.. :)