Thursday, 21 January 2016

Week 0 - The Start of the Drak Lodge

First, thanks to Chalmers for starting this and also all the other contributors.

So, a little bit of personal history. My path into fantasy was through Lord of the Rings, and Fighting Fantasy books. In the early nineties’ I first subscribed to White Dwarf – the Red and Blue catalogue’s I received as part of the subscription are still on my bookshelf to this day! Although I started White Dwarf at the tale end of Warhammer 3rd edition most of my actual gaming happened in 4th and 5th edition with a couple of good friends and many weekends spent playing Dwarfs versus Chaos or Wood Elves. I dropped out of gaming in 6th and 7th edition (standard reasons: University, moving countries, work, girlfriend) only to pick it back up in 8th. Now with Age of Sigmar I am excited to start trying out new things, and start developing my own setting within a larger context.

WARNING! Fan fiction ahead.

Wulfhere hated acting as an envoy to the Drak Lodge. Or, to be more precise, he hated walking into the mouth of the ancestor statue that acted as the gate of their volcanic home. He hated even more though being within; a permanent dusk lit only by the occasional flows of magma, a constant susurrus reminiscent of scales over rock, hot winds that gusted from nowhere carrying the faint reek of sulphur.

Today he walked down the sole passageway through the gateway, slowly groping his way towards what he thought of as the meeting hall – a simple widening in the tunnel with a throne at one end, with a Fyre Slayer enthroned whose sheer presence and blazing eyes dominated the space. As always silence, and in the dark of the hall movement and the occasional flash of golden eye or weapon blade the only thing betraying the presence of other warriors of the lodge.

Wulfhere had requested the services of Drak Lodge twice before. The first time he had stood before the Runefather to seek their services, he had only just finished introducing himself and stating his ancestry before the Runefather had indicated he should leave. The second time, he had omitted the traditional introduction, but still had not finished explaining why he was standing before the Runefather before being dismissed. This time, he would not even speak - he had an empty gold chest, and a blood stained Khornate helm.

Standing now in the dark, in the heat, before the Runefather’s imperious stare, Wulfhere had cause to worry about his decision. When the Runefather indicated that he should speak, Wulfhere hesitated and then silently held up the empty chest and the helm. Uther-Grimnir finally spoke “You do not need the helm. The Drak Lodge will march”.

So, I am doing a Fyre Slayer army, the Drak Lodge. I already have a paint scheme in mind: basically a very dark brown red flesh, offset with very orange hair and green details. There will also be some use of blue to provide a contrast. Some pictures below to give some idea of what I am thinking.

Being in Australia, I have $140 to spend and I have already made my first purchase – an Auric Runemaster and a Hearthguard box.

Total spend: $120
Carry over: $20

I also already have the next couple of month's purchases planned: some Vulkite Berzerkers to get some numbers, and a Magmadroth because... FIREY LIZARD!

Til next time


  1. Can't wait to see your minis ! I was planning to go for a similar color scheme on a future painting project, black skin and bright flames for hairs, eyes, weapons... It won't be for this Tales but your work will probablt inspire me :)

    1. Thanks Jim - actually a bit impatient to get onto the painting so that's always a good sign!

  2. Cannot wait to see these Fyreslayers!

  3. I thought 50pounds was 101 Aud?
    I don't mind however if its more then that. That just gives me more room to play with.

    1. Exchange rate is that but the GW Australia prices Are a lot higher. All the monthly prices are based on the Getting Started box sets.