Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chaos Grand Alliance - Break out the brushes! Month 0

I've ordered a Grand Alliance: Chaos book, and am gearing up to paint some beautiful models!

Disclaimer :  I haven't painted much in years, but AoS has made me want to break out the brushes again. I am starting from nothing as I have no paints or anything and currently work away from home out in New Zealand until April, after which I return to the UK where I have some paints and an art studio to use.

There won't be much adherent structure to this blog, it will focus on creating beautiful painted miniatures and having the freedom to mix and match different mini's as I like. I like how I can diversify and mix and match different factions, so expect some fairly wide ranging choices.

Chaos encompasses some of my favorite mini's that I have never had the opportunity to paint before, such as Beastmen, Skaven, Demons and Chaos Warriors. Painting all these different mini's and getting them to tie in together into one cohesive looking army will be fun!

I'd like to progress my basing and weathering skills as well as my all round technical level of painting, and try to paint each mini to a high quality display standard, so am looking for c&c & feedback on my painting technique to help me improve.

I'm also a Chaos Dwarf fan. I started the Age of Sigmar Dawii Zharr Facebook group and we are looking for more members to grow it into a substantial community. So don't be surprised if the little beardlings sneak in an appearance somewhere along the line.

Gameplay & army wise, things that interest me about this army are the multi wound models, rends, and synergy



AoS Starter Set
Ophidian Archways
Realm of Battle Board
Dreadstone Blight
Temple of Skulls

The Glottkin
Maggoth Lord Morbidex Twiceborn
Lord of Plagues
Gutrot Spume
Rotbringer Sorceror
FW Plague Toads 
FW Bile Trolls
Plagueclaw Catapult
Plague Censer Bearers
Plague Furnace  
Start Collecting Demons of Nurgle boxset

My first purchase was some oop Pestigors I sourced on, came in quite expensive at $165AUD + shipping, these guys will be my Totem hunters


  1. Will be cool to see the Pestigors get painted up. You going to put them on rounds too?

  2. The oop models can be pricey but worth it! I think it also adds that nostalgic feeling that AoS has brought back for a lot of us.

  3. agreed, I'm excited about what lies ahead. May bring some old 3rd ed stuff onto rounds as well