Friday, 15 January 2016

Welcome to Tales of Sigmar!

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Hello and welcome to the Tales of Sigmar, a tales of gamers blog for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Over the next few months gamers will be building, converting, painting and playing a new Age of Sigmar army and it will be all recorded here.

The rules are simple:

  • £50 GBP / $85 USD/ €65/ $140 AUD (damn Australian prices) a month to add towards your army.

  • The prices don't need to be Games Workshop prices and can be 3rd party stores, purchases form eBay, Facebook Groups, etc. As long as you keep track of your monthly spend.

  •  Any money not spent in one month can be carried over to the next month, this will help with gamers wanting to purchase something a bit more substantial or you need to shift funds between months.

  • Participants must post at least once a month to talk about their army, purchases and show the progress they're making with their army.

If you want to take part, all you have to do is email and I'll send you an invite to contribute.

We will be aiming to start on February 1st

Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon!



  1. Hey guys has anyone decided on an army yet ?

    1. Thinking Fyreslayers would be a cool new start for me but not 100% yet.

    2. Maybe Lizardmen or Skaven. But I know I'll probably chop and change my mind before 1st Feb!

    3. A Grand Host of the Everchosen!
      Archaon, Knights of Ruin, Gaunt Summoners, Warbands of Bloodmarked, Plaguetouched, Fatesworn, and Pleasurebound

      ...sorry for the duplicate posts. For some silly reason I thought I could edit. Too much fb. :(

    4. I'm think of Savage orcs or maybe elves

    5. I've got Skaven or Sylvaneth waiting in the wings. Starter box is started...but could be finished as well. We will see.

    6. Looking forward to starting my lizardmen project! Can't decide on colour scheme though - not convinced by the GW studio blue.

  2. Id love to join. Currently have a Khorne WoC army but am looking at starting a beastman element.