Monday, 18 January 2016

Lady Phoenix`s Skaven Army - Month 0

So, firstly thank you to the author for allowing me to join this project, which I feel has so much potential. Hopefully it will continue for a long time, and other people will join along the way.

Im hoping to see some great armies, some great progression and hopefully get jealous at the bargains people have ontained.

So, without further ado, let me introduce my army.

I normally collect a Khorne army, although I stretch that to Chaos. This project came up at just the right time as I wish to expand into Skaven. Now, technically Skaven wont fight for Khorne, as they have their own (unrecognised) God. However, lets go with it. In addition, Im going to fiddle the finances a little bit, afterall, I do need something to paint when the project begins on the 1st February 2016.

So, as luck would have it my local IGS had a copy of Island Of Blood up for sale at £58.40. This blows the budget a little, but I checked with the creator of this project and he confirmed that a little selling is allowed. Obvioulsy I dont want to take the Michael. So, on Facebook someone wanted to buy the rule book, so a sale was agreed for £5 and someone else wanted the High Elf army, so I agreed a price of half the cost of the set (£29), so my tally for the Month start is as follows.

February 2016

£ 0.00 Balance Carried Forward
£50.00 - Funds For February
-£58.40 - Island Of Blood
+£5.00 Sale Of Rule Book
+£29.00 Sale Of High Elves
£25.60 Remaining Budget


1 Skaven Warlord
1 Skaven Warlock Engineer
40 Clanrats
1 Master Moulder (Packmaster)
2 Rat Ogres
1 Warpfire Thrower
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar



I will post pictures, hopefully on a weekly basis, but in the meantime, I wish you all good luck on your projects. May your paints run thin and your detail pop out nice and clear.


  1. Love how Skaven play. Good call.

  2. Always loved the Skaven! It'll be a pleasure to see yours develop

  3. Might have a winner here for most leftover budget!

    1. To be fair I was considering this but with the Skull Pass night goblins. Someone was selling them for £25 but I was just a little too late.

      Lady Pheonix did ask me if this was ok and I said yes.

      Maybe someone will do the same for either High Elves, Stormcast, or Bloodbound!

  4. Not only a great call on budget, but some really good models to start out with. I've always loved the named characters that come with that set.

  5. Yeah, with regards to the buying and selling I do feel it's a little dirty, but acceptable. If I bought a model, painted it and sold it I would say it's pushing the boundaries too much, but in this case I'm buying a set and offloading the elements that are not required.