Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lord Siteth's Legion of Death : Month 0

With February just around the corner, I am stoked to get started on a brand new army for Age of Sigmar. First off, I would like to thank Chalmers for spearheading this community project. As an amateur painter, I get alot of my motivation from seeing other peoples painting projects, and I have been enjoying reading everyone's posts so far.

I used to be an avid Warhammer Fantasy player when I was in highschool. I collected anything chaos, with had a sizeable combined Warriors/Daemons/Beasts of chaos force. I'd always enjoyed painting but I had some serious A.D.D when it came to choosing a unit to paint. I would usually paint a miniature or two, get distracted and then buy a new box to paint. When I started at university, I got distracted with my coursework and found myself painting less and less, and in around 2008 I quit the hobby altogether. Once every few years, I would check in on the Games Workshop website just to see what new miniatures were being released.

Around April of last year, I stumbled across some of the End Times releases and was completely blown away. I was particularly drawn to the undead releases. It was also the first time I had seen the mortis engine, and the hexwraith boxes. Literally that weekend, I went back to my local Games Workshop for the first time in close to a decade and picked up some skeleton warriors.

With the release of the Age of Sigmar in July, I have been completely sucked back in to the hobby. But old habits die hard; In July I found myself distracted with the new Age of Sigmar boxed set (with no regrets).

The Tales of Sigmar is the perfect project to keep me focused on an army to completion. Its also a great opportunity to improve on my incredibly basic painting skills. I look forward to criticism from readers, and motivation from reading other peoples posts.

As you may have guessed, I will be working on my undead force for this project. Last spring I picked up the army of sternieste, and I have yet to paint a single model.

The set included:
15 black knights/hexwraiths
3 crypt ghouls/vargheists
20 zombies
and a necromancer

For my first month, I am looking to finish:

10 hexwraiths ($79 CAD)
and a necromancer ($17.75 CAD)
for a total of $96.75 (the new starter sets are $100 here)

Anyways, thanks for checking out my first post. I better get painting!

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