Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Month 0 - Choices..

I want to start out by thanking Mr. Chalmers for getting this together (at that cost of getting banned from a FB group temporarily).

Now to the good stuff. I liked the idea Mark Riley suggested to BTJ of waiting until the 31st to make a final choice. So for this post I'm just going to outline my choices.

The Woe Tide - Slaanesh Warband for Path to Glory led by Torilax Scykia, the Denied.

So far I have purchased but only half built and unpainted:

Month 1

-Box of Chaos Warriors ($35) - The Painsworn
-Box of Marauder Horsemen ($29) - Harbingers of Torment

($21 left over for month 2)

Month 2

-Chaos Chariot ($40) - Valus Felwulf, Headsmen of the Woe Tide
-Box of Hellstriders ($33) - Sons of Excess
-Lord of Slaanesh on Demonic Mount ($30) - Torilax Scykia, the Denied

($3 over)

Month 3

-Chaos Shrine - The Court of Agony ($58)
-  ?

($26 left over)                                                

Cave to the pressure and purchase one of the Getting Started Maligants box. The fluff around this would be built around Mopus (Menuasaraz-Senuamaraz-Kemurzil) from The Realmgate Wars: Hammers of Sigmar novel.

Month 1

-Mortis Engine - Mopus and his three princes.

-Hexwraiths - Guardians of the Fane

-Spirit Hosts - The Librarians

Start Collecting! Malignants

Any thoughts?


  1. I like the Slaanesh idea, and there's a Grand Alliance: Chaos book coming out soon that, from what I read, sounds like it goes into slightly more detail on the followers of that god. The start collecting boxes are great of course. Personally, I do not like the coven throne/alternate model, as I found it quite fragile and difficult to paint. That's just me though. I know other people love that model. All comes down to what inspires you more to paint and play.

  2. Vampire! Everybody plays chaos

  3. Everyone plays Chaos but not many play Slaanesh! In terms of AoS playability, I hear VC are insane as they can just summon endless new units. Of course I can call a fair amount of reinforcements with my Khorne warlord, but nothing close to Nagash.

  4. I'd love to see a Vampire Count army. Though Slaanesh is probably the least done army of chaos so it has potential!

  5. Both good choices...why don't you combine them?
    An alliance of depraved Slaneesh cultists in some way able to shackle the souls of their victims to their service...