Friday, 29 January 2016

Month Zero - All the old familiar place-places.

Hello. My name's Grant and I am a hobby magpie. I don't know what it is, maybe I just like planning armies too much. By the time I've cast my net, plucked the grand theme that I want for my force from some obscure piece of background and crunched everything out to the point where I know which flavoured Panda Pop my general was drinking when the news broke that Robbie Williams had split from Take That... I find some other more exciting venture to pour my attention into and my current project gets left by the way.

Well, that's not entirely true. I seem to have an affinity for Skaven. When I was a wee nipper, I found myself having been gifted a raggedy copy of Skavenslayer and well... I fell in love. Before I knew what S5 auto-hit Rattling Guns did and why people in my group cursed the name of Alessio for them, I fell for the antics of a rat named Thanquol. The pitch black parody of the worst parts of humanity, the hilarious broken English with the double noun-nouns and Thanquol's mental acrobatics that saw him emerge from every botched escapade free of all blame and smelling of roses.

I really like Skaven, you see? So with AoS, I saw an opportunity to step outside of my norm and get to grips with something fresh and new in a pristine system with limitless possi... Yeah, I'm doing Skaven again.

*Russo swerve*

But where to start on the latest incarnation of my verminous horde?

It's got to be with the head honcho, the big cheese... the main man. No, not Lobo. I refer of course to the rat that Skitterlept from the pages of Gotrek and Felix all those years ago and kindled this life-long love affair with all things thirteeny. Thanquol.

That makes my first month fairly easy to budget:

Thanqoul & Boneripper (£47)

From there I just generally plan to bulk the months out with things I think would be fun to paint. I remember having a blast with the IoB Rat Ogres, so Month 2 may include Stormfiends. I haven't gotten my brushes round anything from the End Times yet, so they're looking like fore(gutter)runners. Skaven puns!

There you go then: I'm doing more rats. Sorry for being so predictable. And... end on a song.

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