Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

A campaign running in line with The Tales of Sigmar

To follow along with Tales of Sigmar I have decided to start up this Narrative Campaign to help you tell the story of your growing warbands and armies. Each time you finish painting a unit/hero/monster for your army, you can use the campaign to give it a backstory and some fluff, in return your region on the map (below) will grow slightly. Also each time your army then fights a battle and you post up a battle report, again your region on the map will grow. The Army with the largest region covered by the end of the year rules.

The idea is to grow the Realm of Beasts with more and more warbands that can also grow in size as the campaign progresses.

There is so much more that can be done with this, be part of a story... if you would like to join with some of your mates, firstly its free.. just email me with your army, I will email you back with a map reference of your place in the Realm. Post up your initial fluff of your army then play some games with your mates and post up your battle reports and fluff to go along with it. As you do, the map will be filled up with Battle Locations and Key details. The more you post the larger your Kingdom becomes.

Link to the Huge Detailed Map of The Realm of Ghur
Link to the Rise of Empires Blog


  1. Nice idea, look forward to watching it take shape!

  2. LOVE the idea !!! Will contact you for sure :)

  3. This definitely looks like fun

  4. If you want to join please email me


  5. This sounds great - I will email you.

    1. Is there some fluffy way to get Stormcasts into this age? Hopefully yes. I'll email