Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Rise Of The Plague Lord Month 0

From whence came the great sickening none can say, but the vast lime fields of Sharlock, under whose crusted white surface were lain the many diseased dead, lays testament to the power of the great pox father Nurgle. Sharlock was but the latest village to fall to the wasting death, its denizen's flesh turned to ooze, their visage sloughed away in a putrid slime until none remained. None bar one, the blacksmith Dharr.

Warped and corrupted by chaos, his was the only soul spared, tainted by the plague that killed all else. Alone he had sat with the bloated corpses of his family. Who knows what foul sacrament he made with the dark gods that night, but what emerged from the fly ridden hovel he once called home was no longer fully human. His body now large, bloated with disease he carried the large axe Ripperpox used to dismember his family, offering them as sacrifice. His face forever hidden behind a rusted, single horned helm, Dharr has become a new Lord of Plagues - his first quest, to gather to him a retinue of demons.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eversince I first started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles back in the 80's with 3rd edition I have promised myself to collect, paint and game with a force of Nurgle. I thought this would be easier when I worked for GW during the 90's but for whatever reason I never got round to doing it. Other armies tempted me; other game systems vied for my attention until finally I put it aside as just another dream-project I'd never get round to accomplishing.

And then Age Of Sigmar arrived. With the feel of old-school wargaming (points don't matter / narrative-led games) I jumped right in but pretty soon due to real life issues had to sell off my new AOS collection to raise funds. But now thanks in part to the AOS Facebook group keeping my interest stoked, and in no small part to Chalmers and this Tale Of Sigmar project, I've rekindled my desire to collect Nurgle, thrown caution to the winds and jumped right back in.

From the introduction you can see my Tale will be narrative led. This is due to my love of writing (you may have seen some of my stuff done for Mantics Kings Of War as well as Gangfight Games and their skirmish game system), but while I'll be chronicling the tale of Dharr, Plague Lord of Nurgle and his ongoing quest to spread disease and distrust throughout the Realms, you'll also see my model army grow in size.

I'm starting with Dharr himself, having had the Lord of Plagues model sitting in my bitz box for many months. I'm planning on following that up either with the Nurgle Starter force which for £39.99 from online retailers is a great bargain saving nearly £35 on regular prices, or a pox-tonne of Plaguebearers. 

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  1. An amazing start! Cannot wait to see this develop throughout. Love the Nurgle models too.

  2. Great fluff! Looking for more and to see the models!

  3. Been working on some Nurgle daemons lately myself, such a joy to paint. Look forward to it.

  4. Awesome fluff - narrative gaming is the way to go!