Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rise Of The Plague Lord: The Shifting Sands of Chaos

His body wracked with pain, Dharr stumbled alone through the plaguemarsh. He moved slowly, careful of each step he took through the putrid swampland, wary each time he placed his footing, knowing a wrong step could send him down into the mire within seconds.

The heavy weight of his ax Ripperpox slowed his travel even more, and Dharr took this time to consider how best to achieve his goal. He would need allies, similar souls dark with evil and filled with an insatiable hunger, similar to his own. Not for power; no, that was his alone and he needed no rival to be constantly watching. No, he needed souls warped by chaos. There were many in this region, he could feel their presence though hidden they remained. But there were so many to choose from, for the Realms were still being birthed and all was still in flux.

Dharr brushed aside a cloud of Marshflies and continued on. He needed to consider carefully whom he would approach first. His fleshy lips split in a slobbering parody of a grin beneath his helmet as he pondered and planned his grand alliance of Chaos.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Since deciding to collect a Nurgle force for Tales Of Sigmar, my original plan was to focus purely on Daemons, with an initial purchase of the Nurgle Daemon Starter set. However, as is always the case with me, I've been rethinking this approach, lured by the many nice images on the interwebby. A long distant memory resurfaced, thanks to all this, of not only collecting Daemon models but also revisiting other models (Dragon Ogres, Beastmen, Warriors etc) and modelling/painting them in the colours of Father Nurgle.

With the upcoming release of this battletome, I will have all the warscrolls for all the Chaos models in one place as well as plenty of fluff and gorgeous pictures to drool over.

With a very limited hobby budget at present due to leaving full time work and having to freelance for a bit, I have had to cull my big purchase of the Daemon boxset in February. That's okay as now my current painting commission has just finished, I can concentrate on painting Dharr in February (alongside the models from the Temple Of Elemental Evil boardgame).

I will be getting the Grand Alliance Chaos book though, and start to pour over the contents as I delve into what exactly to get as my first model purchase later in the month.



  1. Loving the fiction. I'm excited for the Grand Alliance book too and I think it's actually reasonably priced. Might be re-thinking my Stormcast plans soon too....!

  2. Also loving the story so far.

    I'm excited to see this battle tome as well. It reminds me of the old (5th-6th edition?) Chaos book that had all three factions.