Sunday, 17 January 2016

Joah's Darkwood Kin Leave The Shadows - Month 0



The recent Tales of Sigmar: A Tale of Gamers in the Age of Sigmar started by Chalmers, came to me as a great way to shake up my (usually unreliable) hobby habits and get into a routine of collecting and painting on a strict set of rules.

How exciting! So after looking over the rules, I had to decide on an army to build. I already have Orruks, Stormcast Eternals, High Elves, Brettonians, Undead, Chaos, and Duardian. So they were all out of the picture. That just left a few others, and honestly, it wasn't a hard choice. I decided to run a mixed force. 

Dark Elves and Wood Elves! The Darkwood Kin is born!

The fluff is in its early work, but essentially the Darkwood Kin are a sinister and callous force who have existed deep in the Darkwood Forest within the Realm of Life. In a sense, they are Neutral Evil, they do not care for good or evil, interested only in their own schemes and selfish designs. To them, Chaos and Sigmar are cut from the same cloth, and are willing to use and betray both if the need arises.

For now, I'm going to stay to a small colour palette of black, purple, (maybe?) dark blues, and streaks of red in and around this place. I'll run a test model and see how it goes.

For now, I'm eyeing off what to do with my $100 AUD. Those Wildwood Rangers do look really good.... - Joah


  1. Looking forward to seeing these guys!

  2. Cool idea and appropriate name for them.

  3. I echo everyone when I say you have a great idea. If things had been different, maybe those Wildwood Rangers would be mine. Such great models.

  4. Looking forward to seeing them. Also, where's that picture from? It looks awesome

  5. It's Sylvanas Windrunner, the Dark Lady from Warcraft :D

  6. I really like the idea for the fluff of this army. Those wildwood rangers will look really cool with that scheme!