Monday, 18 January 2016

The Call of the Beast. - Month 0

Hello one and all.

I have a Warriors and Daemons of Khorne army that is ever growing, but I have for some time wanted to branch out into the third calling of Chaos, the call of the beast!

The fluff will be simple, my bray herd dwelt in the Realm of Beasts. As my wider Khorne force travelled through the realm searching for enemies of Kharanath, the herd offered themselves to Raa'kh, the legion commander, in return for the promise of joining the eternal hunt.

I'm not sure yet if I'll cosmetically align my Beasts to Khorne, as the AoS rules do not allow for marked Beasts.... We'll see what happens when I pick up my paintbrush!

For now, what to spend that first £50 on...


  1. Maybe a Beastmen battalion box? I think it's only a little more expensive than one of the getting started boxes (at least here in the US). That is where I would start. Keep us posted!

    1. That was my first thought, but its £15 over budget. I think I might start with a core of Gors and browse ebay for some of the old Khorngor and older looking heroes to mix in with a bestigor unit

    2. If you get your battalion box from element games it's 20% cheaper. Only issue is postage is only free if you spend over £80, but if you have some non beastie projects on the go I'm sure you can fiddle the books a little.

  2. Always enjoy seeing Beastmen and always want my own army, but somehow never bought a single Beastmen model. Will be cool to watch.

  3. Love Beastmen they're quite old plastics but some of the most characterful and decent looking minis around. Looking forward to seeing you build your force.