Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Great Plan Continues - Seraphon Month 0

Tale of 4 Gamers was one of my favourite White Dwarf articles of all time so thanks for organising this blog to give so many of us the chance to get involved!

I have had a couple of years without much hobby time so my new year's resolution is to set and achieve some gaming and painting goals for the year. My plan is to build an army and matching display board to enter in to armies on parade in September - I feel like this gives me enough time to work at my own pace but with a deadline in the distance to keep me focused.

The Lizardmen were my first army when I started Warhammer Fantasy back in 5th edition and I have always loved the models and so this seems like a great opportunity to bring them back.

I have a sketch for my display board but will save this for the summer and get started on some models. As armies on parade and the AoS rules don't place restrictions on army size I'll be focusing on units that will work with my overall plan and will be supporting my local GW store in Chelmsford for my purchases.

Really enjoying all the ideas for new armies and looking forward to getting started!



  1. Looking forward to seeing this, can't wait to see that display board for Armies on Parade too!

  2. I always like seeing Seraphon get painted. Never took the plunge on them myself for some reason.

  3. Seraphon for the win! Looking forward to seeing your progress!