Monday, 25 January 2016

The Tundra Tribe - Month 0

Hello all,

Thanks for making this site. It has been fun to see what projects people are working on.

AoS got me back into Warhammer in a big way. I've been painting and modelling more in the last 7 months than ever before. That said, it hasn't made me an especially great painter yet.

I've just pulled the trigger on my next project, one that I have been interested in for years: Ogors. 

My first purchase for February is one box of Ogor Bulls for $48 CAD. This leaves me about $53 CAD leftover after the USD conversion of the $70 budget. Our money is worth nothing now.

If I like painting these Ogors, I will likely be looking at the battalion box down the line.

The theme for my Ogors will be a snowy one, hence the name Tundra Tribe. I've spent some time in the Arctic recently so my environment will provide some inspiration. 

I picked Ogors because I like the models, I want to do a snow theme and they're relatively inexpensive to build up a powerful war band. I've always had an interest in some of the other models in the Destruction range so it's possible other races will join their war band eventually, but for now just the big beefy guys.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to watching your projects unfold.


  1. Nice project, looking forward to see it ! Did you check the update for budget ? It is 85 USD, not 70$ anymore :)

    1. Thanks, I didn't see that. Then I'm loaded for Month 2 with our funny money.

  2. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more. I'm thinking of going snow themed too, but keep changing my mind!

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  4. Can't wait. Ogres were my first army in 8th edition and I'm slowly rebasing them for AoS. Can't wait to see this!

  5. I think going with an arctic theme for Ogors is the way to go!