Thursday, 18 February 2016

An Introduction - The Warband of Ruprecht Moonface, Servant of Tzeentch

There he is... top right. See him?

Thought I better do the obligatory introductory post for my 'entry' to the Tale of Sigmar. As you can probably see it's a Tzeentch force, other than that I have no idea where it will develop or go to other than I want to paint random bright colours and own a Lord of Change. And it will feature some so-called 'Oldhammer' models too. So there's that.

People love to write a long, rambling 'how I got into the game/ hobby/ justificationforbeinganadultandplayingwithtoysoldiers. I won't bore you with the details other than:

Played 3rd Edition WFB and loved it
Played 8th Edition WFB and found it boring
Played Age of Sigmar and loved it
Painted and sold a decent sized Stormcast army
Painted and still own a mid-sized Nurgle army

And here it is:

Annoyance factor 10000 to play against. That's a lot of irritating wounds right there. Plague drones out of shot.
The plan had been to add more Nurgle, and a Great Unclean One is still high on my list of 'wants'. But I fancy some more variety and tricksy stuff to add a bit more excitement to my army, so I'm going to create a second parallel chaos warband of Tzeentch. In the short term to combine with the dirty Nurgle lads, in the long term to use as a standalone force in their own right.

So where have I started?

Games Workshop's long standing campaign of extorting money from people of course reached a new low recently when they started releasing those super expensive and bad value 'Start Collecting' boxes of models. Even worse when you get them from a reseller for even less than RRP. So I started there with a Slaves to Darkness box. The chaos gorebeast chariot is one of my favourite 'things' in the chaos range and the knights are superb models, so it was an easy choice to begin with. The warriors I'm not so keen on but two wound grunts seem a reliable choice despite the mono-poses. This will all get a suitably colourful treatment - more splashes of brightness rather than dayglo gaudiness.

To add to this I have a few 'Oldhammer' metal models from the so-called Golden Age of GW.

Chaos Champion in bone armour:

That's him on the right. In the bone armour. Clever.

Tzeentch birdhead sorcerer:

Not my model. Just to be clear.
And my general, Mr Ruprecht Moonface:

More pointing.

I may replace his frisby-like disc with one from the Burning Chariot box when I get it, but we'll see. The plan being Moonface will represent a Gaunt Summoner and the birdman will be his underling sorcerer sidekick. Bone Armour Guy will be hitting stuff in the name of Change with his big sword along with the footslogging plastic warriors.

Price wise I'm a bit over for the month but we'll see how much I actually get done by the 29th:

Moonface + £15
Birdy + £5
Bone Armour + £0 (already had that one...)
Slaves to Darkness box + £42
Plastic Sorcerer getting used for my 30K army instead - £9 (cheeky?)
Total = £53

Future purchases to include Horrors, a Lord of Change, Mutalith, minotaurs...

Progress so far: Bone Armour guy and plastic warriors are done. Chariot next.

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