Monday, 29 February 2016

Changing my ways - Month 1

Well, I've left it as late as I can and I'm out of excuses - though may I offer: I have had an usually busy and stressful month. I'm afraid I have only two completely finished models so far! That said, all of my purchases are assembled, most are base-coated and the warriors are bit beyond that now. The hobby progress on here puts me to shame! Though its a fantastic source of inspiration to see what everyone else is up to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who checks the site pretty darn often (good bedtime reading after a long day).

In January I bought what I considered to be the core of an army. Those units I couldn't imagine being without. I already have a plan to play catch up on my painting in March by buying small numbers of big models. A character and some Dragon Ogres I think!

Month 1 Purchases:

Warriors of Chaos - eBay, £14.99 + £3.60PP

Knights of Chaos - eBay, £11.00 + £4.00PP

Pink Horros of Tzeentch - FLGS, £18.00

Total: £51.59

So, slightly overspent. This gives me a free reign not to try and add too much in March. I'd like to come in a little under if possible, because I have one eye on Forgeworld (Warhammer Forge) for May.
The basecoated horrors, can you believe I wasn't sure what colour to paint them?

I've included some progress pics. I tried painting all of my horrors a range of contrasting oranges, blues, greens and reds. It was a disaster! And a big waste of time. I ended up respraying them (hopefully not losing too much detail in the process) and have set about giving them the 'classic' pink treatment. A little disappointing, but I need to get them painted FAST and there's still plenty of time of play with other models in the future. Though the skin isn't too dramatic, I still intend to paint the warp flame and hands with a nice blue glow. That should give them a bit of a kick.

The Knights of Chaos had the ignomony of being built last and will likely be painted last. I'm thrilled to bits with the detail on these models though and they look just awesome on the new ovoid bases. I was surprise by just how big they are! They make Space Marine Bikers look svelte.

Finally we have the warriors. I'm pleased with my scheme and after completing the test model I know what steps I need to go through to get them completed. One issue has been that thinning and layering the different shade of clear paint over the base-coat of silver (which is itself highlighted) Is quite a time consuming first stage. Its really just gold, boots and gloves now, so they should come along quite quickly - fingers crossed.

The Warriors, showing off their billion layers of clear paint.

Well, there we have it for month one. I've certainly learned some lessons. Look forward to reporting on month two for you, and reading your posts.

Thanks guys.

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