Saturday, 13 February 2016

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - Month 1, Week 2

Pirate Slayers

The first Grudgbreakers are ready! I took my brushes to the Pirate Slayers first, as they didn't need any converting to act as Slayers in Mordheim. I went for a traditional orange hair, but I tend to use a slightly darker palette than that used by the Heavy Metal. They took me an evening and I've to say I'm pretty pleased with them!

Gurni, Borin and Orek
Once I was done with the Slayers I started converting the models that will be Warriors in Mordheim. I kitbashed them from the Quarrelers/Thunderers and Cannon kits, using only hand weapons, pistols and some of the tools. The other thing I needed to do was giving them piraty headgears that I sculpted from green stuff.

Korin, chief stoker
To sculpt the hats and bandanas, I chopped the helmets just above the eyes. In doing so, I noticed that some bits had neck and hear guards rather than hair. This needed fixing, but nothing that a little green stuff couldn't cover. Finally, I covered the chainmail parts with liquid green stuff, so that I can paint them as coats, and added satchels, pouches and the like around the belts.

Rear view
I imagined the Warriors as the engine stokers, so I painted their coats in a dark brown, the best to hide the coal dust. The only models in different colours are Bosun Mudrin (the bloke with the pipe, acting as unit champion) and Snorri the Cabin boy (a beardling in Mordheim, he is the only model without guns as he still hasn't earned the right to carry them).

All hands on deck!
For AoS i was tempted to use all of them as Vulkite Berzerkers and have Gudrun as a Runeson. The Fyresteel Throwing Axes would have been a perfect 'count as' for the pistols and the Fyreslayers rules are really cool. But then I considered that passing the Quarrelers for Auric Hearthguards would have been a bit of a push and I would have had one unit not benefitting from synergy with the hero. So, for pick-up games and official events, all this models will be old-school Slayers, hence the runic icon! For games against my gaming buddy Warboss Kurgan I wrote my own Warscroll for them, trading one Slayer Axes attack for Dwarf Pistols, lifting the weapon profile from the Quarrelers Warscroll. If you want to use them in your games, here's the Pirate Slayers Warscroll. Of course, I expect you to convert them and share your take on the idea!
Until next week, when I'll introduce the Quarrelers!

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