Sunday, 28 February 2016

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - Month 1, Week 4

Guns of the Grudgebreaker

The Grudgebreakers are now complete! This week I worked on Burlok 'Coghead', Engineer and First Mate, and his pride and joy, Gertrude the Belching Lady. 

Burlok 'Coghead' - WIP
Burlok 'Coghead' - painted

For Burlok I've used the Cannon crew body with apron and tools and the right arm with the mallet. The mallet was chopped off (and used on Boldrin, the beardling in black) and replaced with the telescope from the cannon. The left arm is from the Quarrellers, with the pistol swapped for a crossbow. I chose the crossbow because it is slightly better in Mordheim and because the only handgun from the Quarrellers without the left hand not sculpted on is held in such a way that it would have been hard to fit it onto Burlok. For AoS I'll count him as having a handgun, just as in the warscroll. As always I've sculpted a suitably piraty hat.
Gertrude the Belching Lady is Burlok's favoured cannon and the most accurate artillery piece on board the Grudgebreaker.

Gertrude, the Belching Lady
There was no major conversion going on for her, just the usual hat sculpting for the crew and then mounting the Cannon itself on a 60mm base so that I could add the spare shells to it and turn the model into a mini diorama.

And here you have the whole crew assembled at the docks of Duskhaven, a harbour in Ulgu where me and Warboss Kurgan will set our next campaign.

The Grudgebreakers
I'll post a battle report as soon as we play our first game!

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