Friday, 5 February 2016

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - Month 1, Week 1

The Grudgebreakers

Gudrun Kargason was just a new-born when Sigmar retreated to Azyr. Over the years he saw his people, the seafaring duardin of the Sun Isles in the Jade Kingdoms, fell to Gutrot Spume's raids. As a beardling he was serving on his father's ship when a human ship refused to help them against the foul commodore's kraken. Gudrun, one of the few survivors of the battle, swore an oath of vengeance against Spume. For those captains that flee before the Chaos fleets, he started to nurture an everlasting grudge. Taking command of his father's frigate the Grudgebreaker, he sailed across the Realms, clashing more often than they wanted with the orruks of the Ironfang Fleet, but still they never lost sight of their real quarry. Eventually, the pursue of a Marauder drakkar took them into Venythian waters. The Gilded Hand elders, seeing in the sturdy duardin crew both a potential threat and a worthy addition to their armies, were quick to offer Gudrun a letter of marque. Ever since, the Grudgebreakers have been the most successful privateers on the Gilded Hand payroll.

So, you have probably guessed already. For my first month I'm going to bring Long Drong's Slayers into the Age of Sigmar.

The original Pirate Slayers
I had started to do a dwarf pirate crew about a year ago to pitch them against Warboss Kurgan's orc crews (check his work, it really is great!), but only get to do a few models. For the captain, Gudrun Kargason, I had painted the 2012 White Dwarf subscription model, which only needed rebasing for AoS. As you can see, I removed the silly details (the fake parrot and the cork on the pistol) and kept the scenic base for an objective marker.

Gudrun 'Blackbeard' Kargason
I had also painted, and now quickly rebased, two classic dwarfs that had been laying in my bits box for longer than I care to remember. They will be part of the long-ranged unit I'm planning to do later in the month.

So old fashion, but still so cool!
Since the Grudgebreakers have to double up for Mordheim, I need to add an Engineer, Slayers, Warriors and Quarrelers (better than Thunderers in Mordheim). After a stint on eBay, I managed to secure a blister of the original Pirate Slayers. Then, as I want to convert all models with suitably piraty details, I went for plastic models only. The dwarf cannon has all the bits that I need to convert an Engineer, plus, you can't have a pirate crew without their cannon, right? Which brings us to the gunpowder point. I want to have lots of pistols in the band and, lucky enough, the Quarrelers/Thunderers sprue, which I needed anyway, has plenty of them! I checked the prices on the GW store and it turned out it was perfect for my target!
So, my shopping list was:

1 blister of Pirate Slayers (eBay): £14.50
1 Dwarf Cannon (GW store): £15.50
1 box of Quarrelers/Thunderers (GW store): £20.00
Total: 23 models @ £50

I've them already, and I've started working on the Warriors and Slayers. Should be done with them by the end of next week, so climb up the crow's nest and open your eyes! Pirates, ahoy!

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