Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fyre Slayers Month 1 progress

Well, this first month has been a little bit of a bust on the painting front. A tooth extraction knocked me a bit behind schedule, so for this first month I have managed to complete my Runemaster, Ghorth Baalsson (although I will do more on the base), do a bit of prep work on my unit of Hearthguard Berzerkers, and get my magmadroth glued together.

Most of the painting on Ghorth is relatively straightforward, with skin a very dark grey, with green and red as the primary contrasting colours. I wanted the hair to really stand out, so after basecoating with black, I re-base coated the hair portions in white to really get a vibrant colour.

Front of the Runemaster. He is built up a little to make him stand out a bit more.
The smoke coming out of Ghorth's brazier was basecoated in white, then built up from pale yellow to dark brown. If you were a very good painter I could see some OSL looking really good.

Rear of the Runemaster
I have done his scale cloak in a very dark red as I did not want it to dominate the model, but I wanted to continue the colour scheme. Bright red or green would have dominated the model, so I went for a very matt finish.

Below are the Karl Sindri and his Hearthguard.

The magmadroth is a lovely model, and he is a great centrepiece model. Size wise he feels like a dwarf - broad and powerful but not tall.

Games wise I have managed to get in two games. One was a game against a friend with a Goblin army - we used wounds to limit army sizes and I absolutely hammered him (all his army wiped out and I lost around 5 models). The next was a four player game, where we used the SDK points system to choose small armies of around 750 points. This felt quite balanced, with the Khorne Daemon player took the game with a rampaging unit of 20 odd bloodletters supported by a Bloodsecrator and a Herald!

At this point the aim is to complete by the end of March the Hearthguard, the Magmadroth and a Battle Engineer.

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