Sunday, 14 February 2016

Musings of the Old Ones - decision time

Hi all, Dan again with an update on my Lizardmen project.

Not too much to report so far - I had to finish my 30K Raven Guard army up to 2000 points for the Horus Heresy Weekender last week so that has been the majority of my painting time.

I have another tournament for my Goblins next week so will aim to get my trolls finished for next Saturday before cracking on with the Lizards.

This week I have managed to paint up a series of test models from the old metal Lizardmen to help me choose a colour scheme. I also took the opportunity to test out a material and colour scheme for my basing, given that the whole force is planned to be part of an army on parade entry.

These were slightly rushed and I find the older metal models harder to paint than newer plastics so I hope the actual army will turn out to a higher standard. The bases are made with Slaters Plasticard (00 4mm Random Stone 0421 £2 from John Dutfields in Chelmsford). I have chosen the darker colour on the red and pale blue models but can't decide whether to cut closely round the bases or allow a slight overhang. I have decided that given the multiple dry brush coats that I will paint the bases and the models separately.

Of the 5 models the first is GW Blue that is used for all the box art and display armies. I originally said I wouldn't do a blue scheme but thought I would give it a try as it should contrast nicely with the terrain board and be a little bit different to my normal colour schemes. However it wasn't much fun to paint so this one is out.

The white scheme is from the How to Paint Lizardmen book and is quite striking and offers plenty of opportunity to shade darker for the larger Lizardmen. However painting white can be a real pain and given the time limit on this project it too is out.

The Green scheme is also from the painting guide and was fun to paint but I'm worried that making the scheme darker for the Saurus will make the whole army too dark.

 The red scheme was also enjoyable but I tend to paint a lot of red and want to try something different.

So finally we reach a decision - a pale blue scheme which is more fun to paint than the main GW blue and comes from the Painting guide which offers a full progression through the model range, which should speed things up so I don't need to paint more test models.

 So hopefully over the next few weeks I can make a start on my first warscrolls - 24 skinks and 2 priests.

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