Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Snikritts Quest For Domination - Month 1

Hi! I am super excited to be able to participate in this hobby project.

The last army I painted was an Averland themed empire army ( As I am a big procrastinator it took me around three years to finish, then AoS dropped and I promptly sold it off.

Ever since selling the army I have been missing the gaming side of the hobby so the goal is to produce an army quickly so that I can enjoy playing. It will be a real challenge for me to paint with speed as a priority as my usual style is very thorough, slow and probably somewhat ineffective.

With this in mind I have set two rules for myself with this army. The first one being that I complete the army with only a basecoat (plus pre-shade) and wash. The second rule is that I will try to pre-shade the miniatures with an airbrush so that I can achieve nice gradients on the models without time consuming blending. Both of these are outside of my comfort zone and the idea is to push myself to become a more efficient painter.

It was really difficult choosing what army I wanted to paint, you want to have them all! With the objectives in mind though I decided to paint skaven because of how dirty they are and it suits speedpainting.

First month and I have already gone over budget:

2 boxes of stormvermin = 77€

That's 27€ over budget but I will make up for it next moth where I will limit myself to a Warp-lightning cannon. The reason being that it is more efficient to batch paint 30 models instead of splitting them up.

Without further ado, here are some w.i.p. shots of my 30 stormvermin:

The color in the pictures is a bit off, I am aiming for a blueish gray with dark reaper from GW. The metal will be brass and steel.

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