Thursday, 18 February 2016

Stabash Moulder Clan lurch from the shadows

So I had a ton of fun completing my goal for February, doing it by the Rise of Empire deadline of the 15th, and in fact doing it in <8 hours of hobby this past week - and still loving how these guys look.

You can watch the video of the units and follow for a bit more detail below.
My undead army has been a labor of love painted to my highest standard. These rats had to settle for a base color, drybrush, and one layer 'highlights'.

No wash. The bases are cork for varied height and Vallejo white pumic basing paste (thanks Vince V.) to make the cork look less like cork.

The 20 clan rats were the bases for the color scheme. Blue, orange, flayed one flesh, some metallic. These guys practically completed themselves in about 3 hours.
That rat on the far right has a blue undercoat and tau ochre drybrush. To his left we have the ochre highlight. To the left we have the flayed one flesh highlight. and finally there's a yellow and white-ish highlight that only happened on that model cuz dammit this is a quick and dirty army. So screw that guy.

Then for the WarLord and Warlock Engineer, I swapped Ochre for burnt sienna with OK results. I added a bit more highlight and color variation for him (shield), but tried to keep it simple.

Lastly, the Rat Ogors need to a bit more goul-ish, so i went with a nurgly green drybrush instead of the ochre. Same metal and skin highlights. I really like how they turned out, and then with a bit of warpstone glow, for a couple hours work these guys feel really good at the level they're at. I hope the color scheme works for bigger moulder monsters. The packmaster is a bit color confused, tried a mustard yellow. will probably do the next one in the burnt sienna to keep heroes similar.

That is all for this months pledge. I have to wait 11 days before I can work on more skaven! :(

Next month I am commited to:

Warpfire Thrower team
Poison Wind Mortar team
20 Stormvermin

but I'm quite under budget so I may include Greyseer and Gutter Runners

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