Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Rise of Empires in the Realm of Ghur Campaign Update.

So we are half way through first month, so I thought I would give an update.

11 armies have been introduced to the campaign with 4 more still waiting on their first introduction post.

So far!

  • We have seen The story of New Lustria Island crashing into the main land and the introduction of the Seraphon. 
  • We have seen a deadly alliance being forged between Ogor's and Fyreslayers and their defence against Nurgle (I can see some backstabbing here). 
  • We have seen the beginnings of the Undead in The Barren Keep. 
  • The uprising of the Followers of Slaanesh making strides with the story of Countess Celine (she is hot!). 
  • Nurgle Rotbringers have made their way through from Ghyran in the Syvaneth Woods
  • The Shadow Elves forging an existence in the Deep Fen
  • The beginnings of Lord Silvan of the Wood Elves and the first tale of Oxoloth.
  • The Snotskrit family tree and how disturbing that could turn out to be.
  • An intro to a band of Stormcast here to protect the Realm.
  • An intro to a band of Hallowed Knights and their constant struggle against Chaos.
  • And an intro to a 'blessed' Beast Lord psychopath with the voices of all 4 Chaos gods tearing at him.

We are yet to see, but eagerly anticipate:

  • The rise of the Tzeentch worshipping Beastmen in the Land of Minos
  • The Stabbash Stronghold and their corruption in the Blasted Plains.
  • Another sneaky Skaven horde lead by a vile Grey Seer
  • And something else I can't quite remember right now. Sorry.

The Campaign Map:

I have created a website which is dedicated to the update of the campaign map. This can be found at http://www.theriseofempires.com - There is pins on the map which show Army locations and Battle locations and gives an easy quick link to the article. You can also see the current region of the armies and gives a quick glance at who is expanding.

The Rules:

Can be found here.

You can still join in. Its free, just send me an email sean.houghton11@gmail.com 


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