Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Snotskrit Family - Month 1

The Snotskrit Family are quite a reserved clan, well let's just say they're reserved for a family of Night Goblins. The four brothers reknown across the Realm of Beasts are cunnin and brutal in their attacks, many moons pass by without anyone hearing anything from them as if they've disappeared off the face of Ghur but then they come. With such speed and precision the Gobbos and their Squigs come hurtling in their thousands from Snotskrit High Peaks in Karak O Karak and in a blink of an eye destruction is brought on the land.

While there are four brothers leading this clan, there are only three whom are constantly seen at the heart of the battle. Slapstrik Snotskrit, the Little Boss, he is never seen a grasp away from his trusty waraxe Ankle Whoppa; he foolishly leads his troops from the frontline not afraid to take on any enemy no matter the size. Backing him up are his twin brothers, Gax and Gox Snotskrit, two Shamans who don't always get it right with their magic. When the power of Gorkamorka smiles down on them they can use the power of Da Bad Moon to curse their enemy, but it's been said their powers can sometimes backfire and unfortunately the nearest goblins resemble a pile of ash at the end of their casting.

Then there is the fourth brother,  Gurruk Snotskrit. The oldest of the foresome, he is feared by most of the clan. Gurruk only emerges from the deepest part of the Snotskrit High Peaks when his brothers truly need his help, but Gurruk doesn't come alone...he rides his great cave squig Rippa, instantly striking fear into his enemies. If his own stabba doesn't work then Rippa's teeth, horns and claws will most definitely finish the job. 
Now for Night Goblins they are rather united in their leadership it doesn't mean the backstabbing and treachery that is core for a greenskin principle isn't rife in this family. Give one of them the chance and they'd off their own kin to claim soul ownership in a instance, but like most Goblins, not one of them have the brawn or brains to pull it off without creating an unintentional civil war within Snotskrit High Peaks. So for now the family lies united, but as they delve deeper into the Realm of Beasts and their power grows, surely it will be only a matter of time before one of the brothers steps up to run the Snotskrit Clan.
This is the tale of the Snotskrit Family based in Ghur, The Realm of Beasts...

Right so after my faff around swapping from Tomb Kings to Night Goblins, I've finally made a start with The Snotskrit family for my Tales of Sigmar. I've got a good idea for the next few months on how I'm going to expand this army, but I really need to decide on a paint scheme for them. I'm confident on getting the skin painted up as I've managed to do all my Orks in 40K in the same scheme. But I'm still considering whether to stick to the traditional black robes that Night Goblins are reknowned for or whether to branch out with some other colour, either a blue or purple. My worry is I've never painted up black armour/cloth before so it would be a new challenge for me to master. However the last thing I want to do is get halfway through the army and still not be satisfied with the scheme.

But that's going to be later on this month, firstly I've got to get my purchases all built up this month.I decided to start with a box of Night Goblins, obviously! I did contemplate picking up a couple of boxes but the daunting prospect of painting up 40 gobbos in one month seemed a little steep especially when a lot of my time at the moment is being taken up by a newborn! I think with these I'm going to be sticking with building them all with either spears or hand weapons and shields. The next box I buy I'll split them between more hand weapons and then ten with bows. The thing that Night Goblins benefit from in their Warscrolls is the volume in numbers, have 20 in their unit and they get +1 to wound, get that unit up to 30 and suddenly they get +2 to wound. I'll be giving some Goblins nets too as the -1 to hit will mean these squishy greenskins might stick around a little while.

The next thing I purchased was a box of fanatics, you cannot have a Night Goblin army without these special mushroom brew fuelled up individuals! I love the fact I can have them hiding in my normal Night Goblins, then when within range and before anyone declares charges (yes you can do this in your opponents turn) you can release the fanatics. If they make their charge the damage they can unleash is pretty devastating D6 attacks, -1 Rend and D3 Damage per a hit, if rolled well they can devastate most things, but knowing me I'll roll a double for movement and kill them before they even reach the target! I bought both the box of Night Goblins and Fanatics from the aptly named Goblin Gaming, they're a store that's been around for about a year but offer 20% off GW products so definitely check them out.

Finally the three brothers have been ordered, Slapstrik resembles the Night Goblin boss with Great Axe while the twins Gax and Gox will be taking up the two Shaman models. Unfortunately the forth brother Gurruk will have to come at a later date as I didn't have enough funds for him this month. But I already have an idea of which model I'm going to be using for him. But him missing this month kind of ties in with the fluff of Gurruk only turning up and making his presence felt when it's truly needed.

And there we go, all my purchases this month, a grand total of 29 miniatures to build and paint this month to kick off my Tales of Sigmar. Expect an update mid-month with them built and hopefully some painted up! I've added my army to the Rise of Empires: The Realm of Beasts campaign blog that Hobby Hammer has created to tie in with the Tales of Sigmar. Go check that project out here.


Budget - £50

  • Box of 20 x Night Goblins - £16.40 (Goblin Gaming)
  • Box of Night Goblin Fanatics - £7.40 (Goblin Gaming)
  • 2 x Night Goblin Shamans - £8.20 (Games Workshop)
  • Night Goblin Boss with Great Axe - £6.15 (Games Workshop)
Total Spend - £38.15
Budget Left - £11.85

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