Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Warband of Ruprecht Moonface - Chaos Warriors and a Champion

First models done for Moonface's band of degenerates. Felt I should get the models I wanted to paint the least, done first, or they'd never see paint. So bashed out the twelve warriors of chaos from the Slaves to Darkness set along with the metal champion model I've had sitting in a tin for ages.

Strike a pose. A mono-pose.
Went for a silvery-gold armour as didn't want them to look like generic undivided warriors, but didn't want to paint loads of gold plate armour either post-Stormcast burnout.

Unit champion has a head from the chaos knight sprue.

Still toying with adding some damage to the shields though?

Yellow banner for now for the classic Tzeentch colour combo.

Alas I cannot freehand to save my life, so the banner is blank for now until I get a hold of something Tzeentchian decal-wise.

My view of the unit most games.

Pretty happy with how they turned out considering the effort I didn't apply to them! Great models... individually but come on GW they need a refresh!

Also the Bone Armour champion/ Chaos lord. "Oh but he's all bones and skulls so must be a champion of Khorne!" I hear you say! Well shaddup is what I say in return. He's in a blue skirt. So he's Tzeentch. And check out that waist line! That dude is too skinny for the Blood God...

Always loved this model, it was one of the iconic models for me from the old Combat Cards we played at break time at school that everyone wanted to own.

"Guys, can you just saunter over there for me please? That would be just fabulous. Thanks guys."

He needs a name though... I'll call him... erm... Redondo The Unexpected, Champion of Tzeentch.

I want to add something to the bases but regular yellow grass would look weird... any suggestions?

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