Monday, 29 February 2016

Too many Plaguebearers....

I thought I'd make it, I really did.  Two weeks ago I had them all basecoated and the first five were pretty much painted - the rest couldn't take too long!  I hadn't decided on how I was going to do the bases though... and then I remembered  my son's Seraphon "needed" rebasing.  I'd ordered a load of plastic auqarium plants a while ago, with the thought to do jungle bases and scenery.  So... I ended up doing that, rather than sitting down and burning through the rest of the Plaguebearers.  The bases looked great though, and have prompted a re-think of how to do the Sylvaneth part of this project (has anyone seen a tropical treeman?) - but that's for next month!

In the meantime, here are the results of February's efforts (in descending order of finish).  I'll keep on with these guys till they are done (there isn't that much left to do really), but I'll probably backburner them while I get started on a Treeman and friends for March.

They've been played in two games, and have turned out to be much as I was expecting - a stubborn block that doesn't deal out much damage, but that can take a lot in return.  That said, in the last game they managed to take just one casualty over several rounds of combat, only to fail 18 resilience rolls in one turn! You can be as tough as you like, but when the dice go against you...

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