Sunday, 7 February 2016

Wardens of the Realms - Month 1

Hello everybody !
Looks like my Month 1 will be pretty busy, as the easiest way to start a Stormcast Eternals army is to buy the AoS starter set !

Considering that Sigmar's warriors are half the contents of the box, the math is quite simple :

Budget - 85$USD
  • 1/2 of AoS Starter set = 62,5$ (125$/2)
Total Spent - 62,5$
Budget Left - 22,5$

The value of this starter is so good it would be silly not to get it. I might even go for a second one at some point later in the year, if my army needs a sudden boost in size... I also have other plans for the Bloodbounds, so the extra Chaos models will be equally welcome.

Stormcast Eternals are pretty expensive : with a 85$ monthly budget, I can't even afford two units per month with regular GW prices ! Without discounts or juicy secondhand opportunities, the rythm would probably be 1 unit every two months, and use the leftover to buy 2 units or 1 unit + 1 hero in between.

With this box, I'll quickly have a sizeable small army fully painted to start playing right away, and thanks to the budget leftover i'll be able to upgrade it with something decent in March.

Painting-wise it's a bit heavy : even if the SE have small units, it makes 10 "basic troopers", 2x3 "elite", and 2 hero including a small monster... And of course I have other hobby projects besides AoS running at the same time. Need to start speed-painting !

February "before pic", with everybody primed and a few colors to start, still a long way to go !

Since the last time, I finally decided to start with the Shields of Ghur, the Warrior Chamber sent to protect the realm of the Beasts. As said in my former article, Ghur is the setting for Hobby Hammer's Rise of Empires campaign project, and I thought it would be nicer to match the short stories I'll be writing on my Wardens of the Realms Stormhost with the corresponding minis.

Therefore my Stormcast will have the distinctive heraldry and signs from this realm : Brown plumes and crests, and three different brownish hues to distinguish the retinues. The base is made of stone pavement, symbolizing the civilization they protect and the outposts/fortresses/ruins they fight in, which is covered by brown mud and grass tufts as a reminder of this Realm and the way it has taken its toll on the free people's past hopes of splendor. So there is my final validated test model, a Liberator from the first retinue of the Shields of Ghur.

Now let's get my paints and put some color on all his little friends before the end of the month !

Of course the main updates of these Tales will be posted here, but you can find more detailed "behind the scenes" comments of this project on my personal TumblR, and read extra fluff and short stories on the Rise of Empires Blog.

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