Monday, 14 March 2016

And now for something completely different!

We're halfway into march, and all I've painted is 10 skeleton archers. That's no good. It also doesn't help that I've got a giant Zombie Dragon and a Skull Keep left to paint. It can be done, but the pressure is building.

To help relieve a little pressure, I've done some work on a side project of mine, the Battletome: End Times.

I got back into the hobby shortly after Nagash hit the shelves. I was floored, and vowed to begin my own legion of undead. That became the City of Silence. Yet the End Times scenarios went unplayed. Which was a shame, as I loved the idea of them, and I love the Old World. So was born the idea of Battletome: End Times.

So far I've converted Nagash, Glottkin and Khaine in their entirety. That's 32 battleplans! There's also 4 Time of War sheets, to better convey the sense of place. The main document is quite huge at 25 000 words and 100 pages. There's everything from huge smash-ups to small affairs here, and you can choose to play them as you like. There are no faction-specific keywords either. AoS has some incredible opportunities to create faction-specific scenarios, but I wanted these battleplans to be available to everyone, no matter what they actually played. So whether you play undead, elves or ogres, there are a lot of scenarios here for you to try.

Keep in mind that this is a living document, and I'm constantly trying to improve it.

The newest release is Battletome: Khaine. Get it here in a PDF:

And for the full thing, this is the Battletome: End Times:
Caution, it's a giant Word file.

Next update, I'll show you guys my dragon and my archers. They should be presentable in a little while.

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