Thursday, 31 March 2016

Carnelian and the Forces of Order - Month 2

My aims this month were to paint 5 Liberators, a Heraldor, Knight-Venator, Relictor, Gryph-hound and Lord Castellant.

Sadly, I did not achieve as much as I had hoped, having a very busy month (stag dos coming out the wazoo). Building wise, I built 10 Tomb Guard, a Tomb King, 3 Necropolis Knights, the Heraldor and Knight-Venator. Painting wise all I could complete was the base colours on the 5 Liberators.

Gaming wise, I did get a good 4 player game in, introducing a couple of people who were non-gamers/40k players to Age of Sigmar with great success (we played with SCGT comp). I have another game tonight!

Therefore my target this month will remain the same as previously - get the above models painted! Let's hope April is a bit more productive!

In terms of purchases, I was £5.50 over budget from March. My April spending is already spent - I could not resist a few "last chance to buy models" from the Order Grand Alliance - Markus Wulfhart (£10), Orion, King of the Woods (£23.50) and Lokhir Fellheart (£8.20).  These totalled £41.70 meaning that I am now under budget by £2.80.

However, in the coming months I will need to slow down my purchases as I do not want a backlog - mentally this will slow down any progress at all. Therefore, I might take a break from purchasing new models until I have got all my Stormcast and Tomb Kings painted at least.

Here's to a more productive next month!

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