Sunday, 13 March 2016

Chaos theory month 2

" "Journd! Don't talk to me about that bastard son of sigmar" spat Xanos. "That old mans sickness infects this land like a blight! Just look at this crop" the disgust clear in his eyes. The knot of wisened famers sat close to the fire, binding in its heat from the cruel wind. These once proud warriors had been the right hand of Jorund's protective fist that had let this land prosper in safety. Victims of their own success they had been gifted land for their scars. However as time had drifted by their loyalty was being tested by boredom and leathery hands were now hungering for the faithful grip of an axe..."

So this month my slow progress has continued with the some more of my Khorne Warriors getting painted. They are such detailed models it is slow work but a pleasure all the same.

I've also had a look at some of the storm cast warriors. I was hoping to try a quick scheme with them; pre-shading and then washing. I think they've come out quite nicely. 
I'm not sure how well it will work for the larger models and I've still got the bases to do.

So next months update on Jorunds journey to chaos will likley be delayed as it turns out we are going to be moving back to the UK from NZ. A time of upheaval will truly be upon us!
Thanks for looking.

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