Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - Month 2

Seascums for Hire

I knew March was going to be a real life-heavy month, so I planned to do little. Namely, I decided to add a bit of extra flavour to the Grudgebreakers in the shape of Hired Swords for Mordheim games and some extra Heroes for AoS. The warband needed some extra hitters and some magic support, so I went on eBay and the GW store looking for them. I was lucky and secured some of the best pirate models ever done by GW: the Pirate Maneater and the Sartosan Captain! An Empire Battle Wizard from the GW store, and I was done with my purchases:

Month 2 purchases:
Pirate Maneater (metal, eBay): £15.50
Sartosan Captain (eBay): £10.00
Empire Battle Wizard (GW Store): 18.00
Total: £43.50
Unspent: £6.50

Gregorius Pecker
The fires of revenge burn strong in Gregorious' soul ever since he lost his leg and his beloved first ship to a Chaos Leviathan. His obsession to track and kill the monster has led him in a years long hunt over the seas of Chamon. Ever since he met Gudrun, the two captains have sworn to have their vengeance together, or dying trying.

Gregorious Pecker - AoS Empire General, Mordheim Pit Fighter
A skilled navigator and expert wizard able to call on the powers of Azyr, Ishmael was a young deck hand when he joined Pecker's unfortunate crew. Was it not for Ishmael mastery of magics, the two would have lost more than the captain's leg. Years later, when they were serving on the Venythian navy, it was Ishmael that brokered the alliance with Gudrun's duardins.

Ishmael - WIP
Ishmael - Aos Battle Wizard, Mordheim Warlock
Cargo & Squawker
The ogor maneater known as Cargo one day rowed onto Venythia docks on a salvaged rafter. He did ask for nothing, but as soon as an expedition was mounted to clear the Silverflow Straits of Bloodbound longships, he simply jumped on board a departing ship. There he met Pecker and Ishmael and though nobody knows what agreement they reached, the ogor regularly follow the two humans.

Cargo - AoS Maneater, Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard
I've also managed to play a game with the rest of the Grudgbreakers against the orruks of the Ironfang Fleet. You can read  the battle report on Warboss Kurgan's blog.

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