Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Herd of Change - Month 2

This is my second arrival to the Herd of Change. Centigor. 

I bought a box of ten Beastmen Gor which would serve as the torsos and a box of Bestigor for more weapon and arm options. I have made five so far but another five will soon be made when I have more marauder cavalry for the horses. I was also kindly sent a load of Chaos Knight lance arms by Scott Smith(@wee_men on Twitter). 

The champion is based on Ghorros Warhoof and was really a fairly simple conversion. I only had to sculpt the hair around the waist and going over the back of the horse to the tail. The horses themselves just had the saddles scraped off with a knife. It took around a few hours a night for four days to convert all of them. 

These took about a full week to paint to this standard. I still have a few details to finish like the banner but I will do all the banners as one in the future and just keep them plain for now. 

I also painted a converted Herald of Tzeentch on Disk although it took me slightly over this months budget. Originally I planned to use him as Malagor but I will likely use him as the Herald to summon Disks of Tzeentch. 

I am currently working on the five Gor and ten Bestigor but I expect they won't be finished until next month. Turns out £50 gets you more than a months worth of hobby! 

Month one
• Beastmen Doombull £30
• Marauder Horsemen £15.50

Month two
• Beastmen Gor £15.50
• Beastmen Bestigor £25.50
• Herald of Tzeentch on Disk £23.50

Running total £110
Remaining -£10.00

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