Tuesday, 8 March 2016

HobbyHammer - Tales of Sigmar: Seraphon Month 2

So with February out the way, time to do March.

Budget: £50.01

Ripperdactyl Riders: £25
Bastilladon: £20
OldBlood: £5.01

Only a couple of items this month and already finished... ok, so I done the Bastie in Feb, but never mind. You can find the 'How I Paint' of these on my HobbyHammer.com Blog. Below are the finished items.

April Budget: £50

1 Troglodon & 2 Steggies (One built as Engine of the Gods) - From the Thunderbest Box so probably £75 target for April (Will probably just crack on now though and post up in April - Thats how I roll!)

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