Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lady Phoenix - March 2016 - Update

Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of updates. This is due to personal reasons. Although I have nothing to update, I do want you to know that I have not left the project. My skaven are safe and are ready to be painted.

In addition, Ive done no more painting. The reason for this is that Ive secured some additions via the second user market, however, with my monthly budget I dont have enough funds without breaking the bank, so Im in the middle of a combination of negotiating and stalling so that I can pick this things up next month. I wont promise anything just in case the deal goes doesnt go through

So, here is my March update (Anything new is in Red)

March 2016

£ 25.60 Balance Carried Forward
£50.00 - Funds For March
£50.00 - Funds For April
£125.60 Remaining Budget


1 Skaven Warlord
1 Skaven Warlock Engineer
40 Clanrats
1 Master Moulder (Packmaster)
2 Rat Ogres
1 Warpfire Thrower
1 Poisoned Wind Mortar



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