Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Immortals - Stormcast Eternals - Month 1

 "With a crack of lightening the forces of Chaos were blinded momentarily, their charge halted and as the smoke cleared there stood immortals in huge plates of armour. The prayers to Sigmar had been answered, the Stormcast Eternals had arrived!"

Yes I'm finally posting some progress on my armies for the Tales of Sigmar. Unfortunately last month I had a couple of issues come up in real life so all my hobby time was halted on both my Stormcast and Night Goblins. So I'm resetting a month behind everyone else and will be starting this month on getting everything painted up.

I know I've already done my Night Goblins purchases for the 1st Month so I'm hoping to have some finalised paint jobs for those in the coming days. But I know I promised two armies so here's the start of my Stormcast Eternals! If I'm being honest I wasn't too keen on the models when they first launched, I'll be the first to admit I called them Sigmarines like many others. But as the other units and heroes were released I began to fall in love with them, while I'm impressed with the Prime model, it's the Knight-Venator that sold it for me, hint-hint, he'll be purchased down the line!

So my first purchase for Feb, for the Stormcast was obviously the guys from the Starter Set, quite a few people had these spare as they started Khorne Bloodbound armies and I managed to pick up the Stormcast for a cool £25, one of the Prosecutor's wings were damaged on the sprue and I emailed GW to see whether they do replacement wings….well I ended up getting the whole sprue sent through the post! So that was an additional Prosecutor, a couple of Liberator Primes, another Lord-Relictor and a couple of Retributors, who's to say that GW doesn't look after their customers?!? Now being a month behind in painting it does mean I've got a budget built up as I'm not planning on any purchases in March. That's not a problem though as I'll be buying the big Stormcast Expansion Box Set in April to bring me back in line.

I left it at their for purchases this month, I thought that would be plentiful to keep me busy for a whole month. So I've been super-busy the first few days this month building everything, knowing how fragile the Prosecutor wings are I've managed to magnetise them for ease of transport, this was a pain in the arse to do but thankfully I got the magnets holding well.

As I showed last month I've got a paint scheme in mind, I wasn't too fond of the normal gold paint scheme that featured in the starter box. I've got to admit the new Gold paint from Games Workshop is amazing for a base colour, and I've used it for the gold parts of my models. But I wanted a Silver Armoured Stormcast with teal colours and have found a recipe that's relatively easy to produce but looks quite striking. I'm still undecided for the basing but I'm seriously considering matching my Sylvaneth woodland basing so I can team the two forces up.

Expect a fully painted starter set by the end of the month but for the time being here's some work in progress shots of my Lord Celestant on Dracoth, one of my Lord-Relictors and a Retributor, I painted up three different models to make sure the paint scheme I had decided upon works for the wide variety of models that are within a Stormcast army. Enjoy!

FEB Budget - £50

- Stormcast Half of Starter Set - £25 (Facebook Wargame Trading)

Total Spend - £25.00
Budget Left - £25.00

MAR Budget - £75.00

Total Spend - £0.00
Budget Left - £75.00

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