Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Wardens of Realms - Month 1 Wrap Up

Here we are, end of Month 1 !

A crazy painting run for me, as I had to juggle between my imposing AoS goal (the whole Stormcast troops from the starter) and a sizeable WarmaHordes painting project (30 points of Minions for a local league).
As I was playing the latter game a lot more, it took precedence on my painting station and I only got to work on the Stormcast by the last week of February. It ended with a crazy final sprint, splattering gold, red, white and brown everytwhere on my desk.

The "after" pic from the end of the months
On the one hand, I'm really happy as I managed to fully paint all my troops : the 10 Liberators, 3 Retributors and 3 Prosecutors are done.

The First and Second Retinue of the Redeemer conclave

First Retinue of the Paladin conclave

First retinue of the Angelos conclave

On the other hand, I'm a bit frustrated as my two heroes are still WIP... The Lord-Relictor is about 80% done as I'm in the middle of highlighting it, and the Lord-Celestant is only 50% finished, having done the base colors to be able to field him on the table, but I haven't started all the washes and highlight.

Lord-Relictor, many details and highlights still to do

Base colors for the Lord-celestant... Dracoth will be more turquoise/bright blue

Being a perfectionist and deadline-maniac, this doesn't feel like a complete success ; however it is still a crazy feat and I wouldn't have dreamed to paint all that stuff in 29 days ! Everything was still on sprues one month ago, and now I can play properly at my LGS. The benefit if this Tales is already felt !

I'm very happy with the look of these guys, painting so much gold was a first time for me, as well as following a painting technique in the spirit of GW's great tutorials (I had never looked at "Warhammer TV" before). I also love the way the bases turned out, a mix of pavement and brown soil that fits well with the overall paint job.

Celestant-Prime of the First Retinue
I'm still pondering about using decals, freehand or just nothing on the shoulderpads, so that is the only thing that might change on top of the finished miniatures.

Unfortunately all that painting took me away from writing more fluff about the Wardens of the realms, as I would have loved to post more on the Rise of Empires blog. More catching up to do ! 

My main focus now is to finish those two heroes in the following days (should be 4-5 hours of painting maximum) and then on to the March goal. More pics will be displayed on my personal TumblR, and you can expect another post here very soon ! 

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