Sunday, 24 April 2016

Painting Guide for Green Spirits

Hey guys. Been a while. SCGT came and went, and I got a bit distracted by that. So to get back into the blogging groove, I made a little guide. Undead energy has always been green, to me. I wasn't pleased with the official light blue-green spirits, so I made my own scheme. It is supposed capture the magical power of the spirits.   Got a few questions of how I did my spirits, so I decided to make a little guide.

Starting off, let's look at the paints.

These are in reverse order, oops.
  1.  Incubi Darkness
  2. Kabalite Green
  3. Warpstone Glow
  4. Biel-Tan Green
  5. Sybarite Green
  6. Moot Green
  7. Ulthuan Grey
You'll want them all to follow the guide ;)

First up is the base layer. This is all Incubi Darkness. Just cover everything you want to be glowing and green!

Next up is Kabalite Green. Just splash it on there. I call it "wetbrushing". Sorta like a drybrush, but with a lot of paint on the brush. Read it off some GW guide some time. Used a M layer brush from GW for speed. No need to be careful, really. Make sure you paint across the entire base layer, if you want to blend we can do that later. The only thing you want to avoid is the deepest recesses. Also, don't use so much that you start losing details. That's also important.


The third layer is Warpstone glow. Kind of the same deal. Just wetbrush the stuff right on. Just be a teensy bit more careful here. You'll want to be able to see all three colours, more or less. No need to worry about details. Spirits are pretty random. As long as the colours largely conform to expectations, it's no issue.

Next up is the wash. Get out your Biel-Tan Green. Apply directly to model. Work it into every detail. This will give your spirit a nice blended green tone from dark to bright. Take a little care that it doesn't pool too much though. You'll get bubbles rather than blends if it does. Wash it all, then go over with a clean brush to soak back up some of the excess wash.

Bonus tip: if you want to blend the energy into the rest of the model, this is where you do it. Put a little of the wash over the non-spirit model. Once that's dry, thin out some more Biel-Tan, 3:2 Biel and thinner. Put this quite far up on the model and all the way down to the spirit. After drying, put another layer of the same a bit further down, and repeat even further down for the last. Should give you a dark, smooth transition.

 You're half-way! Four layers and four different paints. Your spirits are looking suitably random, but now it's time to push the quality up a notch. If you're speedpainting, you could end here, but don't. You won't regret it.

 Now it's time to crack out a sharper brush and the Sybarite Green. I used a S layer brush. What you want to do here is highlight all the raised edges. This will really define the spirit energy, whilst the sybarite gives it that eerie colour. Be especially aware of the face and arms. The "head" should clearly stand out, so give the "hair" a nice, clear line of paint. Keep it to the raised area though, you want that depth in between the hairs. This stage is a lot more work than the previous ones, but is very rewarding. This is where it goes from "swirly green stuff" to "undead energy".

 Last layer for most of the model is coming up! Get out the Moot Green. Pick out all the little lines all over the place. Make sure you're painting in the same direction as the model is flowing. Be careful how you pick out details. Don't be afraid, but make sure that only raised areas get any paint. Finding little raised bits within recesses is nice though, so give them a little highlight too. Lots of little stuff like that, so be vigilant whilst you paint. Once you've done that across the entire model, you're done! Almost. The spirity part is done, all nice and green and creepy energy. Just one more bit to go.


 Grab that Ulthuan Grey. Here you just want to put in on the face and "hairs". Don't overdo it, just a little ways back from the forehead. Enough to suggest a special coalescing of energy, but not enough to be anything of its own. This layer really highlights the face and makes it stand out. Make sure to get the mouth as well.

 Last step is to re-wash the faces. Biel-Tan is the answer. This blends the face in better, and gives it that green tint. Now the face is clearly visible. Really drives home the "spirit" part of the spirit host. There's a soul here, trapped in the mortal realms.

That's it for the guide. Hopefully that was easy to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)

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