Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Wardens of the Realms - Month 3

Like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, I'm LATE !!

This won't stop me, though. As said in my last post, I was away from home in March, and then hoped to catch up in April. Unfortunately I was slow to get back to my painting station, and a double combo league/tournament showed up for Warmachine, which is chaining me all April long on PP models. Damn it !

My March miniatures are therefore still WIP (see below). They do have at least three colors if I want to force them on a battlefield, but that's it... And I haven't started on my April goal yet !

The good thing about Stormcast is that you don't have that many models, so below is my added target for Month 3, which will come on top of my Month 2 miniatures. I'll paint everything in May, along with Month 4... I know that it looks like a slippery slope, but I'm pretty confident that I can make it. So May will be all about AoS !

Monthly Budget - 85$ (USD)
March Budget leftover - 19,5$
Total April Budget - 104,5$
  • Lord-Castellant = 40$ 
  • 1 Baleful Realmgate = 29$ (58$/2)
Total Spent - 69$
Budget Left - 35,5$

Yes, my target for April is one hero and a piece of scenery. Why scenery ? Because the Baleful Realmgate is part of one Warscroll Battalion, The Wardens of the Realmgate.
It includes 1 Lord-castellant, 1 unit of Gryph hounds, 1 unit of Protectors, 2 units of Liberators and the Realmgate. Once I have caught up with all my painting, I'll have everything needed to field it.

The Wardens of the Realmgate warscroll is the core idea behind my whole Stormhost, I believe it might even be the batallion that gave me the idea for this army concept (and probably influenced me a little bit on the name?). It was therefore obvious that I should start this Bataillon as soon as I had finished the starter set. 
Because of the high cost (in $) of Stormcast Eternals, it took me 3 months to gather the miniatures needed, but now it's there !

I'll paint the Realmgate in the Beast realm colors, as this is the first chamber I'm depicting in the Rise of Empires blog stories (I'll also try to catch up on my writing there).

I'll see you in May then, with all this stuff painted on top of my next monthly target !

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