Saturday, 21 May 2016

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand - Month 4, Week 3

Skargat's Ironforged Ogors

The 1990s incarnation of Golgfag and his Meneaters, much like all Ogre models from that decade, shared many similarities, in terms of weapons and armours, with the Perry brother's Orcs. This meant they were clad in chainmail, carried weapons such as axes and clubs and their legs were armoured.
I wanted to keep this link between my Ogors and the AoS Orruks and, luckily, I had some bitz left over from a 'Ardboyz kit I had assembled when they were still known as Black Orcs. This provided me with a good selection of orruk-y weapons. Plus, as I didn't want to mess with the Ogor legs as I love their boots, the armour on the forearms could serve as a nod to the original armoured legs. For the guessed it, a strip of greenstuff was at hand!

Ironforged Ogors - WIP
I started by chopping both the Ogor and 'Arboyz arms at the elbow or slightly above the wrist, glued the 'Ardboyz hands to the Ogors shoulders. I left the heads and gut plates off the models as they would have got in the way while sculpting the chainmail.

 Karnog, Ogor Crusher - WIP

In my bitsbox there was also a metal Grimgor's axe (this should give you an idea of the time depth of my bitsbox) that I used for the unit Crusher, Karnog, the right hand of Tyrant Skargat. I was a bit worried that no Ogor arm could be adapted to keep the axe pointing forward, but instead the Bellower's arm was angled exactly at the right point.

 The Ironforged Ogors' Drummer - WIP

The musician had to carry a drum strapped to its belly, and the 'Arboyz drum, once the hand and arm holding it were removed, fitted perfectly. The side that had been damaged in the cutting of the arm was easily disguised inside the gutplate hole and once the chainmail was sculpted it is absolutely impossible to notice it. Finally, to keep in line with the original, the musician had to have a topknot and I had one from the Orruk Warboss which immediately found its way on an Ogor's head.

 The Ironforged Ogors' Icon Bearer - WIP

The original Meneater banner bearer carried a standard, but I find that the Great Beast Skull is a better option game wise, so this time I didn't stick to the original. I didn't either give him a peg-leg, as I said before because I love the Ogors' boots and didn't want to ruin them.

Skargat's pet Grot, WIP
For Skargat, the Tyrant that will lead the band, I had an Ogor converted years ago to wield a double-handed weapon and to have broader shoulders. I'll show him next week once he'll be rebased for AoS. Although Skargat has broader shoulders than the other Ogors, he still is not as tall as the official Tyrant model. I stuck a piece of slate onto a 50mm base to give Skargat that extra height and then filled the empty space with the club-carrying Grot form the Ogors sprue.
 They are all primed and basecoated at the moment and I should be able to show the finished gang next week.

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