Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Got Wood?

So after being disappointed by Royal Fail's delivery attempt on Saturday (they just didn't turn up), my Sylvaneth have arrived yesterday and my god these kits are beautiful. As mentioned on Episode 4 of the Podcast this is going to be my main focus for 2016, adding to the Treelords and Dryads I've already got painted up.

Out of shot I've also got the Branchwych that I built last night (what a fiddly model!), along with the Sylvaneth Dice, because let's face it when there's wooden dice to tie in with your tree army you're going to be rolling them....even if the symbols are on the 1s.

So what exactly did I pick up for release day?
  • Sylvaneth Battletome
  • How To Paint Sylvaneth (not really needed but for a fiver will be good to flick through)
  • Legends of Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Novel
  • Sylvaneth Dice
  • Alarielle The Everqueen
  • Drycha Hamadreth
  • Branchwych
  • 6 x Boxes of Tree-Revenants
  • 3 x Boxes of Kurnoth Hunters
I'm pouring through the Sylvaneth Battletome at the moment and will be producing a multi-part in-depth review on here, going through each unit and talking about the unit's strengths and weaknesses.

Now what unit do I make a start on first....

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