Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hobby Wobble - Road to Facehammer GT

I've bought my ticket for the first ever Facehammer GT, the weekend event will be taking place at the newly renovated Element Games North West Gaming Centre on September 24th-25th. And this event is going to be the first 'large' event up in the North, for myself being based in Newcastle it's ideal for me to attend without having to travel six hours down the country.

But I'm struggling massively on what to take to the event. With just over 9 weeks to go I'm wanting to bring a new army using the General's Handbook. I know I’ve recently purchased a lumberyard’s worth of Sylvaneth, but I don’t want to rush them through to get them on the table for this tournament. I’d rather take my time with them and get them looking as good as I can, furthermore I’m not wanting to field my Stormcast again for a tournament so soon. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy using Sigmar’s finest on the table but I want something new to learn and push about all weekend.

The problem I’ve got is I keep switching between four to five different options. Flicking through the Grand Alliance books I see one force and get set on that, then the next day I flick to a different page and suddenly want to field that. It’s safe to say I’m settled on either using the Grand Alliance Chaos or Destruction, but again I cannot seem to commit to one or the other.

So what are my options I'm chopping and changing from?

I’ve always wanted to do a Khorne army, I love the Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne mantra and quite enjoy a very combat-focused army. I’ve already got the Bloodbound half of the starter set and with the Start Collecting Daemons of Khorne I can very easily expand the army outwards. I quite enjoy the idea of a couple of Bloodthirsters (maybe Skarbrand) taking centre stage on the table, backed up by waves of Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds and Bloodcrushers. I think for the Bloodbound aspect of the army I’d focus on the Khorne Buffing Heroes that they have and maybe include the Might Lord of Khorne, because let’s be honest for a moment; having a Lord who can tear through reality and take anything off the board if you roll lucky…What’s not to like?

Next up on the Chaos front was an army solely of Warherd. In the General’s handbook Bullgors become battleline troops if you run a Warherd army so my idea was lots of minotaur Bullgors, backed up by a couple of Doombull heroes and then two each of the Cygors and Ghorgons. On the table I think aesthetically it would be a big looming army to play with and really makes the opponent think twice about running straight into it. The warscrolls for the Warherd aren’t the greatest out there but I know I’d think twice about engaging that army if I faced off against it on the other side of the table. My one stumbling block I have is the Games Workshop Bullgors, I saw some of these in my local store the other night and it’s really put me off, they look so cartoonish. Unfortunately there’s not another company out there that does enough variety for Bullgors, I love the Mierce Miniatures Minotaurs but again the variety in poses are limiting and trying to do a full army of them could prove difficult.

Talking of Mierce, the Pleasure Daemon that they have just released is the one reason I really want to do a Host of Slaanesh army. Overall this is one of the fastest armies in Age of Sigmar with a lot of the units being able to run and charge in the same turn. My stumbling block for these is that I really want to include a few chariots as the main bulk of the force but with just nine weeks to go before the tournament I’m not sure whether I force myself to build and paint up all of the chariots I’d need. This army is definitely a high contender but if I do decide to run this army I’m going to have to get a shift on in making sure I’ve got enough time to build and paint the chariots above everything else.

Finally for Chaos, my long term goal is to have a Legion of Azgorh Chaos Dwarf army from Forgeworld. Seeing Ben Curry’s army from the Bad Dice Podcast the models look great, including some stunning centrepieces along with a mix of war machines and troops. Obviously there is two hurdles I’d need to overcome with this…the first is painting up an army with a lot of troops and big things, as long as I have a deadline to work to that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However with a Forgeworld army I really want to take my time to making them look as great as I can. I painted up a 30K Death Guard army in about three weeks a couple of months back and while it looks good for the money I spent I would’ve rather have taken the time to make it look better. That goes onto hurdle number two, cost. Having to buy a full Forgeworld army at once is a massive expense. I can afford it but it would cost a good couple of months worth of hobby budget to fund it. Down the line I'll definitely be bringing the Legion of Azgorh to a table but I think that this army will be a buy piece by piece deal.

 Moving onto Destruction, I was oh so close of jumping on the Ironjawz bandwagon when they first released. I remember seeing Twitter ablaze of people buying the new Orruks as their new army but for some reason I held off. Looking at the points in the General's Handbook I can have a rather low-model count army at 2,000pts that still hits pretty hard. Goddrak would lead the line (obviously) but he would be backed up by Goregruntas, Brutes, a Weirdnob Shaman and a handful of Ardboyz. With the imminent release of the Get Started Ironjawz the core of my army can be filled using these new boxes. There's just something which keeps making me hesistate yet I cannot seem to put my finger on it. I've read through the Ironjawz Battletome and really love the fluff along with the different colour schemes, but I'm still not sure. I think Goddrak could be a beast for the army but he does sink up ALOT of points in a 2K game.

 Last but not least is the upcoming release of the big furry Beastclaw Raiders. Stonehorns and Thundertusks, no not an album name for a metal band, but Ogors riding big beasties backed up by Mournfang Cavalry and Sabertusks. The army is going to be coming out with it's own Battletome in the coming weeks and will be sure to be one tough army to crack. The iteration of this army has already been seen on the tournament scene since Age of Sigmar dropped and it's been deemed very tough to play against. The monsters are either rock hard to kill or deal mortal wounds like they're going out of fashion. I think the army could very well be the smallest in model count so getting it ready in nine weeks would be no problem at all. Honestly though I'm not too sure how fun the army would be for both myself and my opponents when the army does what it does. I suppose it depends whether the Battletome adds any new flavour to the army and maybe introduces a Spell Lore and Artifacts that make the army play completely different. I suppose I'll have to wait until whenever the Battletome is released, and if I do that, it means even less weeks to get the army ready for Facehammer GT.

So what should I take? Got any other suggestions for a different army? Let me know in the comments below. 

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