Friday, 1 July 2016

Tales of Sigmar - A Change

I've decided to move the Tales of Gamers aspect of the Tales of Sigmar to The Grand Alliance. I want to get the feature across to more people and doing it on an Age of Sigmar specific forum I think it's the best platform to kick it off.

This blog is still going to be running but it's going to be focussing on my hobby progress, I'm going to be also running a narrative campaign with a friend and we're going to be recording all our battles and story here and most importantly I want this to be the focus for the Podcast.

Thanks to everyone who has participated until this time it really means a lot and I hope you will all join in on The Grand Alliance the sign ups can be found here.

Thanks again and looking forward to pushing this blog more as a hobby progress for myself and hopefully you'll all see my Sylvaneth and other armies expand over the upcoming weeks, months and years.


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