Monday, 29 August 2016

Tales of Sigmar Podcast Episode 6 - So What's Battleline....
We are back with Episode 6 of the Tales of Sigmar podcast, this episode we're a man down as Adam is away but Chalmers and Dan chat about their recent games using the General's Handbook, focusing on armies, chat hobby progress, finding out certain units aren't battleline and answer a bagful of questions from you the listeners.

Running Order
Recent Games - Alliance and Brothers of Sigmar
Hobby Progress

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hobby Wobble Part 2 - Road to Facehammer GT

So the great Hobby Wobble of 2016 has hit me full on like a freight train. After buying all my Slaanesh models I got to work on getting them all built up and assembled. The first ten Daemonettes were easy and then I had the joys of pinning the Mierce Miniatures into place, this was actually pretty easy to achieve and gave the models a much more solid base. But then I came onto my nightmare…the Slaanesh Exalted Chariots. The chariot frames and the Seekers were rather easy to put together but then I got to the spiked wheels, each set of spikes was completely separate, needing mould lines removed on each side of the spike and then every piece needed gluing together. I completed the first one after quite a considerable amount of time, my enthusiasm drained a little bit but I persevered dug in and got gluing it together. 

No matter what I tried it seemed like the two rows of spikes just didn’t want to line up correctly with the frame and just as I thought I’d cracked it with one row, then the other row was completely out of shape! After half an hour of fiddling and many profanities, I finally had something that resembled the chariot on the box, though not exactly correct, but worst of all my enthusiasm for getting the Slaanesh ready for Facehammer GT was gone.

The thought of having to sink even more time in making another two of these Chariots was not looking very appealing to me and with a strict deadline I didn’t have the time to faff around with these. So it was back to the drawing board, the Slaanesh have gone in the cupboard and will return after I’ve got the Facehammer GT out of the way.

So I had just over six weeks, I needed something easy to make and paint while also being fun to play….enter Beastclaw Raiders. Yep I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of the new shinies and got myself a Beastclaw army. I’ve wrote a couple of lists but I’ve settled on one that comes in at 11 models. Yep you read that right 11. So I ordered the Beastclaw Raiders Icewind Assault box set, another Thundertusk box and thankfully had another still in wrapping from my Ogre Kingdom days of 8th Edition.

My aim for this army was to have it tie in with the rest of the destruction forces and I thought the best way to do this was making all the Ogors into Orruks by swapping out the heads. After Bristol Smash earlier this year and seeing a couple of Ogor into Orruk armies I knew it was what I wanted to do and apart from a head swap everything else stayed the same. 

Work In Progress

To fit in with the snow theme that the Beastclaw have I’ve decided to paint up my Orruks with blue skin and have purchased the new Shattered Dominion bases and basing kit to add to the character of the army. My aim is to have random parts of the basing kits showing on the floor while the rest is covered by snow and dead grass tufts. Having the army look like they’re marching over a fallen city in the winter. So 11 models in six weeks sounds quite easy to do for an army….

Well it would be, but my army for the Facehammer GT doesn’t stop there, oh no. You see we need to take two lists to the event and use them both throughout. So I’ve decided to embark on the ambitious task of making my second list a mixed Destruction force using Bonesplitterz, Ironjawz and Beastclaw Raiders. This is why I wanted the Beastclaw to fit in with the rest of the army, with them all looking like Orruks and having the blue skin on snowy bases I think the whole army will really look cohesive on the board, despite being a mix of units from the Destruction allegiance. I’m already looking past this event and wanting to incorporate my Moonclan Grots into this army and making them have blue skin too.

Work In Progress
This second list is going to be the challenge to get ready in six weeks as it’s a lot more models. Going into a split list like this I needed to find a Battleline unit that could be used, hence the Savage Orruks from the Bonesplitterz. I’ll be producing a second article outlining how each army list is going to look like and the reasons for the choices so stay tuned for that early next week.

Work In Progress
I’ve also got some ideas for Beastclaw themed terrain to take to the event, we don’t necessarily need to bring scenery to the event but there’s the opportunity to win prizes if we do bring themed terrain. So I’ve already got some snowy hills being made up, along with this I’m thinking some reptile tank skull pieces mounted on card and then having snow drifts up against them. My other idea is the main altar from the Arcane Ruins set and having that part covered in snow. These are obviously the last of my concerns on getting ready, the main part at the moment is getting those armies built and painted up.

Five weeks, two days to go…

Monday, 8 August 2016

Design Us A Logo - Win a Battletome!

 Want a Battletome of your choosing? Well then read on.

We need one of you awesome people to design us a new logo for the podcast. We want something that can be used on T-Shirts and Dice in the future, something that embodies the site and the podcast.

The winning design will be chosen in the first week of September.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Battle for Crawcrook Grove - Sylvaneth vs Orruks Battle Report

So on Wednesday night I had my first Matched Play since the General’s handbook came out and it was the first time of running my Sylvaneth as an army in itself. I played against Graham Shirley (PaintedbyG on Twitter) and his beautifully painted Orruks, he’s a phenomenal painter who’s won numerous awards and it’s always a joy to face off against them. We played the first mission called Take and Hold where there was an objective in each deployment zone and you needed to capture them with 5 models or more and no enemy models.

We decided to run the Realm of Life Time of War plans so every hero phase we rolled a dice and on a 6 we could place a Sylvaneth Wyldwood on the table (handy for me, not so much for G). We also had to roll for Nurgle’s corruption where units within 1” of terrain pieces suffered a mortal wound on a 6.

The forces we ran were as follows, both armies came in at 1980pts so no one got the chance to roll on the table for having less points.


Treelord Ancient – General
Gnarled Warrior Command Trait (ignore rend unless -2 or better)
Oaken Armour (+1 to armour roll)
Extra Spell – Verdant Blessing (Cast on 6 – Set Up Wyldwood)

Extra Spell – Regrowth (Cast on 5, unit within 18” heals D6 wounds if Sylvaneth)

Spirit of Durthu

Drycha Hamadreth


10 x Dryads

10 x Dryads

10 x Dryads

3 x Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows

5 x Tree-Revenants


Orruk Boss with Banner on Warboar - General
Nothing Left Standing Command Trait (Pick Terrain within 6” if General and 5 other destruction models are near it the terrain piece no longer gives cover or has the special rules)

Troll Hag  
Battlebrew Potion (One Sip and +1 to Hit and Wound, Two Sips +2 to Hit and Wound but suffers a Mortal Wound each Hero Phase)

Weirdnob Shaman

Weirdnob Shaman

10 x Orruks

10 x Orruks

10 x Orruks

10 x Ardboyz

5 x Brutes

5 x Spider Riders

3 x Sourbreath Troggoths

2 x Doom Diver Catapults


Word had been sent that the Orruk Red Skull Boyz had entered the Crawcrook Grove, smoke clouds could be seen billowing in the distance where the wanton destruction of the landscape had already begun. The Treelords dispatched a wargrove to investigate and repel the Greenskinz before they ruined their home, the powers of Nurgle had already corrupted half of the land and they couldn’t bear to suffer even more loss to their sanctuary.

As they travelled the sprit paths and reached the point of where the ruin originated they were met with a mass of Greenskinz, it was adamant that this army was looking for a fight and were willing to destroy anything in their path. The general stood out from a mile away, waving a massive bone banner about on top of a snarling boar he shouted orders to his allies and drove them into a frenzy. The power of the Waaagh magic was strong in the air and behind the general stood two Shamans seemingly feeding off the power of the Orruks surrounding them.

Behind the brunt of the army stood two warmachines, it seemed like grots were manning this catapult and if the sight of the Sylvaneth were not playing tricks on them the catapults were being loaded with grots themselves. The Treelords couldn’t be distracted by these pieces of artillery though as a foul stench filled the air, by now they were used to the smell of the corruption of Nurgle, this was something different. Very quickly the source of the disgusting odor was apparent as three troggoths backed up by the colossal Troll Hag - Mog of Eternal Stench came into view. It looked like the lure of a fight was too much for these troggoths to resist and came to aid the Orruks on their quest for destruction.

To make matters worse two of the Sylvaneth ever-seeds had been uncovered by the Greenskinz and now lay exposed in the land. These pods of pure energy are pivotal for the Sylvaneth to regrow this land after Nurgle’s corruption. Thankfully the Orruks didn’t understand what these glowing pods were but the Treelords and their followers were not going to wait and see whether the Orruks decided to find out what was inside them.

Knowing they needed to reach the ever-seeds post-haste the Treelords ordered their forces to march straight towards the Greenskinz. The Tree-Revenants played their waypipes and walked the spirit paths reinforcing the flank where a lone Treelord stood. They fully expected the Orruks and the troggoths would soon be marching in their direction and needed to support the youngest of the three Treelords that had gone to battle today.

The Treelord Ancient knowing they needed to slow the Greenskinz advance as much as they could, called to the forests spirits. With a shift of earth and rubble the land in front of the Treelord was now thick with trees and thorns as a Wyldwood now filled the open space. The Orruks looked on confused how could this Tree control such forces of nature, this didn’t stop their advances as they raced forward towards the oncoming Sylvaneth.

Their march was halted though with an almighty sound, the Wyldwood directly in front of their army started to shake as a piercing scream burst out from the trees followed by hundreds of Flitterfuries. The source of these ravenous insects soon came into view as Drycha Hamadreth came straight out of the Wyldwood to face off with the whole Orruk army. The Flitterfuries swarmed the Orruk mob and as the clouds of insects parted the majority of the Greenskinz were stood their more enraged, a few of the boyz from the Orruk unit next to the Shaman and General lay on the floor covered in bites and stings but bar that all Drycha had managed to achieve was paint a huge target on herself.

Hazmat Gutspilla bellowed from his Boar and ordered the Brutes to take down this prize that had emerged from within the trees. The five big Ironjawz charged forward surrounding the psychotic monster. As ferocious as the Brutes were in combat, Drycha battered them away for in her catatonic state she did not feel any of the wounds that were hitting her and in return set forth with a flurry of blows and talons. However such speed and recklessness that Drycha possessed none of her swings were true or accurate and the thick Brute armour easily withheld from anything she threw at them. Drycha called forth her Flitterfuries once more but before she could even summon one of the insects the Brutes too this opportunity to thrust their Gore-Choppas and Gore-Hackas straight into the Queen of the Outcasts. In one last piercing scream before the Brutes could kill her outright, she disappeared down the Spirit Paths never to be seen again

Seeing one of their main threats neutralized the Orruks saw their opportunity to strike at the Sylvaneth, on one flank the troggoths moved through the woods in the direction of Durthu, the size of the Troll Hag meant she was an easy target for the Kurnoth Hunters, numerous shots from the Greatbows rained down on Mog but any wounds that were accumulated were sewn back up by her regenerating skin. If anything this just got her angrier as she projectiled her acidic vomit at the nearest Treelord. Branches turned to mush but the Treelord wasn’t going to take it laying down. 

The weirdnob shamans, Nazgob and Nadsak called forth the power of the Waaagh siphoning extra power from the surround Orruks but the god of Gorkamorka was not looking down on them for this battle. It didn’t seem to matter which spell they were trying to cast they just couldn’t finish the manifestation of the spell without losing their concentration and having to start again. Maybe if the Foot of Gork had been summoned earlier on then this battle would’ve been over a lot quicker, rather though it seemed like Gork was putting his feet up for this battle and letting the Greenskinz fight it out themselves.

The Spirit of Durthu swung through with his sword and sliced one of the troggoths in half before the dumb beasts could even react. Such was the force of his swing the sword went through the troggoth and landed into the leg of another leaving him severely wounded. As the troggoth tried to realize what was happening one of the tree’s massive talons pierced his midsection lifting him into the air momentarily as blood oozed out. As it crumpled to the floor the Spirit turned his attention to the final troggoth but sensed something was right, the previous creature was obviously too dumb to notice his fatal wound and picked himself up, bleeding profusely but still looking for a fight.

Distracted by this miraculous recovery, the Spirit of Durthu was not prepared for Mog to join in on the fight and smashed into the battle-hardened Treelord. As quickly as he could Durthu swung his sword again and dug it deep into the Troll Hag, but almost as quickly as he severely wounded her she started regenerating her skin around the sword. This looked like a battle that the Spirit of Durthu was going to regret…

Gutspilla pointed at the Treelord Ancient, who seemed to be organising the Sylvaneth, which he wanted bringing down by the two Doom Diver catapults, the grots acknowledged the request, more in fear of being cut down there and then if they questioned their general’s motives. Both Grot pilots directed their cargo true but the Treelord Ancient wasn’t going to be thwarted by these lowly grots and swatted them out of the air into a nearby Wyldwoods. The sounds of screams filled the air as the ever-deadly Wyldwoods feasted on the unfortunate souls. 

Meanwhile the youngest of the Treelords intent on getting revenge on the Troll Hag charged straight into the Orruks that were supporting her, his Strangleroots extended from his staff and throttled the first Orruk to get in the way. He threw the body to one side ready to tackle the remaining Greenskinz but despite the huge sweeping blows that the Treelord could achieve the Orruks bloodlust took over and managed to bat away each attack. In return they hacked away at the Treelord, the naivety compared to its ancestors was apparent as it assumed these Orruks couldn’t do anything but soon the weight of attacks was too much and the Treelord was take down. In one last attempt of restoring some pride he swung his staff out in one last arch and before the life left his body six Orruks were crumpled.

Now the Troggoths and Orruks had marched forward the Tree-Revenants saw their opportunity for reclaiming the ever-seed from the Orruks hands. Playing their waypipes they traveled through the spirit paths coming up behind the Orruks ranks and right next to the Doom Divers and the unit of Boyz trying to crack open the ever-seed. With a prayer to the Everqueen the Revenants charged into the Boyz, what they hadn’t anticipated was the General waving his banner in the air and warning them of the forthcoming attack. Before the Revenants could swing their enchanted blades the Orruks swiftly dispatched in a frenzy of choppas. 

Trained and highly skilled with his Guardian Sword, The Spirit of Durthu was hacking chunks of flesh off both the troggoths and the Troll Hag, Mog. Unfortunately it was to no avail as the skin of his foes was regenerating as quickly as he was hacking it off. Even using multiple Verdant Blasts he couldn’t shift his enemy, slowly but surely the Spirit of Durthu grew tired and seeing the opportunity the Hag downed half of the bottle of her Battle Brew that Nazgob had brewed for her. Reinvigorated she matched Durthu with strength and speed and as Sword and Staff clashed Mog showed why she was known by her nickname Eternal Stench and vomited straight into the warped face of Durthu sending him crashing to the floor in an almighty timber as his existence became no more.

Speed and ferocity that was the Orruks game, the Brutes and Ardboyz on the right flank swiftly ran up the board and cut straight through the Dryads. The Treelord Ancient turned his head for one moment to give orders to the Branchwych and the next time he turned around his Dryads were replaced by Ardboyz and Brutes. Knowing that they had no chance of reclaiming the ever-seed that was securely in the hands of the Orruks and with their dwindling numbers the Treelord Ancient commanded the remaining Sylvaneth to protect the ever-seed in their possession. The Kurnoth Hunters came striding over to provide some loyal back up while the Treelord used the rest of his spiritual power to summon two more Wyldwoods right in front of the ever-seed and the incoming Orruk horde.

The Treelord Ancient commanded his Kurnoth Hunters to focus all their bows on the General who was commanding the Orruks from the back ranks. The hope was if they could slay the Red Skull Boyz general the rest of the Orruks would flee in fear. The Kurnoth let their bows fly and arrow after arrow sank truly and straight into the heart of the General. His battle Waaagh cry was cut off mid-sentence as the blood filled the throat of the Orruk Boss before he slumped off his mount and collapsed to the floor. The Orruks halted for a moment seeing their glorious leader cut down but then this seemed to double their efforts in burning down this Grove. One of the Shamans took over control straight away and resumed the barking of commands to the rest of the army. The Sylvaneth looked at each other, their withered numbers were growing smaller by the second. This was going to be their last stand.

The Troll Hag and the Troggoths were initially perplexed how these woods and foliage could’ve just appeared so quickly in front of them, but they still knew exactly who was responsible for the general’s death and more importantly where they were. The Hag however was infuriated as these Wyldwoods were too thick and condensed to make a path through; no matter how many branches and trees she smashed apart double reappeared impeding her advance completely. Angrily Mog ordered her Troggoth followers to take advantage of their size and charge through the Wyldwood to crash into the Kurnoth Hunters that were on the other side lining up more bow shots.

But by the time they fought their own way through the overgrown greenery only one troggoth remained, the other strangled and pinned down to the forest’s floor by vines and roots. The Elite Warriors of the Sylvaneth dropped their bows and ordered for their Quiverling companions to attack the troggoths, all three of the beasts slashed away with their claws with vigor and left the troggoth a bloodied corpse in front of the Hunters.

Meanwhile the Treelord Ancient was valiantly defending the other corner of the Wyldwoods, both the Brutes and Ardboyz were hacking away at the general of the Sylvaneth and despite the Branchwych’s best efforts of trying to regrow the lost limbs of the Treelord the weight of numbers soon brought the ancient Treelord to the floor. Knowing victory was within reach the Orruks charged through to the remaining Dryads and Branchwych but yet again the Wyldwoods came to the Sylvaneth’s rescue as only three of the Ardboyz and a Brute remained by the time they reached their intended target.

Knowing it was now or never the Branchwych joined the Dryads in one last stand and with a combination of the Wych’s Greenwood Scythe and the Dryads talons cut down the remaining Greenskinz. Now in charge of the few remaining members of the wargrove the Branchwych ordered the Dryads and Kurnoth Hunters to travel the spirit paths and take the ever-seed with them. There were still Orruks and other foul beasts by the plenty that were advancing and they knew they didn’t stand a chance of holding out for reinforcements. The last sight the Branchwych saw before disappearing down a Spirit path was the vast amount of Wyldwoods on fire with the Orruks seemingly enjoying this malicious destruction…. 


So a minor Orruk victory, we both held one of the objectives but the Orruks won the minor victory by killing more points than me. I well and truly got smashed off the table but this was my first game using the Sylvaneth and I was forgetting rules left, right and center. After giving my Treelord Ancient the Verdant Blessing spell to grow Wyldwoods it wasn’t until turn four that I realized the Treelord Ancient now has a special ability that on a 4+ it can set up a Wyldwood within 18”! If I had known that I would’ve taken a completely different spell that might’ve changed the outcome of the battle.

Both of our abilities of failing to roll hurt us throughout the game. My Treelord fighting 10 Orruks completely fluffed his attacks for two turns, something that in a normal game probably would’ve killed them in one turn. Drycha came out and rolled her 10 dice at each unit within range which was something crazy like eight units and on 80 D6 I managed about five wounds combined! There will be days when Drycha can appear and completely wreck units but alas this battle was not one of them.

G was unlucky with his Shamans and Doom Divers, he didn’t manage to cast a single spell with the Shamans apart from one Mystic Shield I’m pretty sure he rolled double 1 three turns in a row, and the Doom Divers managed one measly wound one game. But that Troll Hag with the battle brew making her hit and wound on 2s with her vomit is pure filth. I’m definitely going to be painting up my Troll Hag at some point for a Troll/Firmir Army.

We both agreed the Battleline units being separate hurt them. If you’re paying for three units to have that force organization you should be able to field them how you want. I would’ve probably had the ten holding one objective and then the other two units as one big block of 20. Having three blocks of ten just felt like they didn’t do anything all game.

Overall another really enjoyable game against G and a great first Matched Play battle. His models are beautifully painted and I cannot wait to see what he does with the Troll Hag once it’s fully painted.